Eurovision 2014

Eurovision Jury Voting – Semi Final 1 Predictions.

We have just watched the Jury final of the first semi final of the Eurovision for 2014.  Here are our Predictions :

Garrett and Phil

Armenia, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, Portugal, Montenegro, Hungary.

Luke Fisher :

Armenia, Sweden, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, Moldova, The Netherlands, Hungary, Montenegro.

Ewan Spence.

Ukraine, Sweden, Montenegro, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Russia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Estonia, Armenia.

Andrew Main.

Armenia, Sweden,  Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belgium, Montenegro, Hungary, Estonia, Moldova.


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  1. I’ll predict :

    Armenia , Latvia , Sweden , Russia , Azerbaijan , Ukraine , Belgium , Moldova , Montenegro , and Hungary.

    but if you’re granting wishes (and today is my birthday) , then I’d like San Marino, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands to make it through above all others, thankyou.

    Enjoy the show !!

      • More than happy thanks. 🙂
        Thrilled for San Marino and Iceland ! Happy for Hungary too, but expected him to make it anyway. I always have a soft spot for Netherlands, and the staging/camerawork work was so effective, that it made me enjoy the song even more.
        I don’t think anyone was robbed, but would’ve liked Belgium to have made it, but can understand why some voters weren’t keen.

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