Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Watch Can-Linn and Kasey Live Tonight on TV

Can-Linn And Kasey Smith. Photo : Can-Linn Facebook

Can-Linn And Kasey Smith. Photo : Can-Linn Facebook

Ireland : She has won Teo’s “Heartbeat” and tonight you can see Kasey and Can-Linn performing live on The Late Late Show at 21:35 (GMT) on RTE 1 or if you are abroad you can watch live on the RTE Website HERE

Speaking to the Team today they were busy with rehearsals and everything was right on schedule. They will be touching down in Copenhagen on Tuesday and have their first rehearsal on Wednesday. We will be spending plenty of time with Kasey and Can-Linn so why don’t you send us your questions for Team Ireland – either on email, Twitter, Facebook or here on the website.

Make Sure to tune in tonight and let us know what you think.


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Source : RTE

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  1. They’ve had two months since the national final to work on the production, and this is what they come up with???….god help us!!!

  2. This will not qualify nor deserves to after this performance, someone is taking the piss in RTE if they think this is acceptable…dancers, faux musicians and strange wandering woman, all must go…

  3. Not sure the Irish dancers add anything to the stage show, but Kasey looks stunning in a short dress and it’s great to see her animated and moving around at last.

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