Eurovision 2014

POLL UPDATE : You Say Poland Will Win Semi Final 2 – What do you think?

Don't Vote Don't Complain. Photo : feintandmargin

Don’t Vote Don’t Complain. Photo : feintandmargin

Donatan and Cleo are your current favourites to win Semi Final 2 at Eurovision 2014. The Polish Duo and their “Slavic Girls” seem to be tempting you out there this year. With a video like that I wonder why? 😉 With almost a third of the votes they are clear leaders at the moment.

Current Standings


Poland 33%  
FYR Macedonia 17%  
Greece 12%  
Romania 6%  
Ireland 5%  
Lithuania 5%  
Israel 4%  
Norway 4%  
Switzerland 4%  
Austria 3%  
Slovenia 3%  
Georgia 2%  
Belarus 1%  
Finland 1%  
Malta 1%


If this was the actual votes in the Semi Final then the 10 acts qualifying for the Grand Final would be Poland, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Ireland, Lithuania, Israel, Norway, Switzerland and Austria.

Can anyone catch Donatan and Cleo? It looks like a difficult task but you can vote and share the poll with your friends until Wednesday May 7th. So #JoinUs and Vote for your favourite Acts in Semi Final 2 and “Shake What Your Mamma Gave You”.


Get Voting – Over 3 thousand of you have voted in this semi Final so far



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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