The Return Of the “Euro Fan Cafe” – Get Ready To Party

Euro Fan Cafe. Photo : HUSET KBH

Euro Fan Cafe. Photo : HUSET KBH

You will obviously know about Eurovision and Euro Club, well the Euro Fan Cafe will return this year offering the fans another venue to party (and stalk) some of this year’s artists.

Many of you will have been to the Malmo Euro Cafe last year and enjoyed yourselves (from the pictures I took it liked so). Well Copenhagen are determined to recreate and build on the success of Malmo and have announced some of the events you can expect!

Euro Fan Cafe. Photo : HUSET KBH

Euro Fan Cafe. Photo : HUSET KBH

OGAE and MelodiGrandPrixFans.DK have joined forces to bring the Euro Fan Cafe to life at Copenhagen’s Huset KBH.

Some confirmed guests already are Eurovision Winner Emmelie De Forest on May 3rd and still looking for a Husband, Krista Siegfrids, will be playing on May 5th. Expect a lot of kissing and Ding Donging!

It will open for 13 days and will include the Eurovision-oke (I will never forgive myself for murdering “Everyway That I Can”Eurovision Pub Quiz (Our Eurovision Ireland Team Member John Stanton WON last year and got 2 tickets for the Green Room at the Grand Final) and a Eurovision treasure hunt (well I can’t even find myself around my mobile phone nevermind a huge city like Copenhagen). It will though be fantastic.

You remember our friends in New York who host the hugely successful “Europhoria” Nights – well they will host a night at Euro Cafe. We will be there to party with the team for sure.

For all the details you can follow the Euro Cafe Team at HUSET KBH.

More fun for everyone in Copenhagen. Roll on May!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : HUSET KBH

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