Eurovision 2014

Netherlands : Clip of Song Leaked Before Tonight’s Acoustic Presentation

The Common Linnets - "Calm After The Storm". Photo :

The Common Linnets – “Calm After The Storm”. Photo :

Netherlands – It seems that they are determined to premier their song “Calm After The Storm” as many times as possible as their song was allegedly leaked this morning on radio.

An acoustic version of the song will be aired tonight March 12th with the Eurovision version premiered the following day.

The Common Linnets (Ilse DeLange and Waylon) will perform the acoustic version of the song on the Dutch talk show “De Wereld Draait Door” today 12th of March with the Eurovision version aired on the “De Gouden Uren” radio show on the 13th at 9.00 until 12.00 CET.

Dutch radio station 3FM DJ Giel Beelen today aired a clip of the alleged song on his show. Not saying how or where he managed to get the clip but he played an acoustic version of “Calm after the storm”. Tut Tut Tut – but we like his style

You can listen to an alleged clip of the song that the Common Linnets will perform tonight HERE


If this is the song – what do you think of it?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : 3FM

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