Eurovision 2014

1.3 Million People Tuned Into the Irish Eurosong National Final

The Late Late Show. Photo : RTE

The Late Late Show. Photo : RTE

Ireland – Figures released today show that 1.3 million people tuned into the Irish National Final for Eurovision last Friday night.

These figures make the Eurosong Final one of the most watched shows of the 2014 season in Ireland so far. With an average audience of 686,000 viewers (reaching a maximum of 1.3 million) this represents over half of the available Irish tv audience for the evening.

Can-Linn Featuring Kasey Smith - "Heartbeat". Photo : RTE

Can-Linn Featuring Kasey Smith – “Heartbeat”. Photo : RTE

The events of the evening saw Eurosong trending in both Ireland and the UK on twitter. In a tense and close race the song “Heartbeat” by Can-Linn featuring Kasey won but the Jury and Public vote and will represent Ireland at Eurovision 2014 in Semi Final 2 in Copenhagen on May 8th.

What were you watching last Friday night?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. The Eurosong 2014 was a great production and Can Linn have a great chance to do well in Copenhagen. But seriously, whether we win or not this year, we need to go back to the National Song Contest, last used in 2008. Apart from Dustin, there was a very strong and very diverse selection. Ireland could have won in 2008 if we had sent Donal Skehan or Maya from Slovenia.
    RTE really should bring back the National Song Contest in 2015. Whether we win or not.

  2. It is a very good song. I like it very much, especially the mix beetween celtic music and dance music that sounds very natural. And she can sing live, which is very important.

  3. I can’t believe how close it came with Eoghan. I’m so glad Can Linn & Kasey won. Nearly had a hard attack with that geographical error LOL

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