Tanja will Represent Estonia At Eurovision 2014 with “Amazing”

Tanja - "Amazing". Photo : ETV

Tanja – “Amazing”. Photo : ETV

Tonight Estonia held the final of Eesti Laul.

The Top 2 acts after the jury and public votes were

  • The Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band
  • Tanja

Both songs went into the Super Final and the public voted again

The final result gave victory to Tanja


Tanja will now represent Estonia at Eurovision 2014 with the song “Amazing”

Did Estonia make the right choice?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Another dance music tone, better than the Lithuanian one actually. Ireland are also on the with for dance music.The UK is also dance musiclike. Which one will do best ?The answer in May, I guess.

  2. It appears having a nonsinging male dancer is the eurovision thing this year? I have to say it is my favourite song so far this year It will do well.

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