Eurovision 2014

Eurosong Video Interview : “Don’t Hold On” by Patricia Roe

Facetime with Patricia Roe "Don't Hold On". Photo : Patricia Roe

Facetime with Patricia Roe “Don’t Hold On”. Photo : Patricia Roe

IRELAND – We continue our series of video interviews with the artists in the Irish Eurovision National Final – Eurosong 2014. We like to call this “Facetime with Eurosong 2014″.  We had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Roe and her Mentor Valerie Roe. Patricia will perform her self penned song “Don’t Hold On” on February 28th in the Eurosong Final on RTE1′s “Late Late Show” special. It will be at 21:35 (GMT) and our International Friends can watch on-line HERE

Patricia returns to the Eurosong Final having narrowly missed out on representing Ireland at Eurovision in 1992 and 1993. Third time’s a charm as they say.

Patricia talks to us about the inspiration for her song “Don’t Hold On”. Let’s just say that we hope he is watching. Making a video for your song is certainly not glamorous and in Patricia’s case was more than she bargained for! You have to hear that story. Suffice to say that I will not be taking up horse riding anytime soon. There is also news on an “Out Of The Blue” connection to Patricia’s performance at the Eurosong Final.

Make sure to vote for patricia in our on-line fan poll if she is your favourite artist in this year’s contest.

Tell us what you think of Patricia’s song “Don’t Hold On”?

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Thanks to the staff of ”House” on 26/27 Leeson Street, Dublin 2.Visit them at their website HERE

As always a huge thanks for the Video Production by Mr Karl Hayden ( with whose help this video would not have been possible.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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