Eurovision 2014

RESULT : Firelight Will Represent Malta At Eurovision 2014

Eurovision Ireland with Firelight. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Eurovision Ireland with Firelight. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

MALTA – Tonight Malta had their Grand Final in their selection for Eurovision 2014. After all 14 songs competed the winner was decided by a Jury and Televote.

Hypnotica wong the public vote.

After the jury results were calculated the winner was Firelight with their song “Coming Home”

Did Malta make the right decision?

Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Unfortunately the intro just put “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something in my head!

    She has an AMAZING voice – if she sung all the way through with the guys as backing, this would be so much better. As it is, I think it will just make the Final but disappear from view on the Saturday.

    Having said that, I get the feeling that this year will be a weaker field than last…

  2. Dangit, it was almost One Last Ride! 😛 This is nice though! Not my favourite, but I’m sure Malta will turn it into something even more admirable. It’s uplifting. “Hunter of Stars” keeps creeping in my head though when I try to think of “Coming Home” lol.

  3. I quite like this; it’s currently my third favourite behind Switzerland (which I LOVE) and Finland (which I quite like). Still miles better than any of the five songs in our national final though… 😦

      • Absolutely agree. There’s something so simple and honest about this. And poor old Malta has been waiting long enough for that first win. Could this be their year? Who knows. I’m still tapping my toes to that brilliant little Swiss ditty though, so I’m in two minds about wanting Malta to win their first trophy.

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