AZERBAIJAN : Watch Last Night’s First Selection Show for Eurovision 2014

Azerbaijan and Eurovision 2014. Photograph widewallpapershd

Azerbaijan and Eurovision 2014. Photograph widewallpapershd

AZERBAIJAN – Last night Azerbaijan broadcast the first show in their Eurovision 2014 Selection process – Böyük Sehne. You can watch it here.


What we loved about the show was that they were in the Press Centre and Euroclub from Eurovision 2012 for parts of the show – oh the memories.

There are 5 judges that not only give their comments on the performances but they also give each act a score – with the highest making it through to the next stage.

In last nights show we saw Safa Eldar – reportedly one of the Finalists – have to perform twice in order to convince the judges of his place in the next round. His rendition of Dima Bilan’s Eurovision winning song “Believe” won the judges over.

Another great performance – for different reasons – came from Envar Mammadov who is a contortionist. He sang Eleftheria Eleftheriou’s “Aphrodisiac” (Greece 2012). This had the judges crying with laughter for some time.

We also saw Fuad Asadov who is reportedly a finalist. He managed to have some of the judges dancing throughout his performance. He is a former X-Factor contestant and managed to score a perfect 10 Points from each of the judges.

Next we had Serxan Nezurov who sang like the lead singer from Aqua. You must see this.

Back to the competition with another reported finalist “Wave Wave” who are a 3 piece girl band. They sang a glee inspired mash-up of songs while sitting on the floor playing with plastic beakers – yes plastic beakers. The judges asked for another song – without the beakers – and they progressed through to the next round.

Next was a strange audition where the singer Sona Elesgarova. She was asked to sing twice and on the second time the judges made her take her shoes off! Thankfully they stopped at just asking Sona to take off her shoes!

Tonight there is another installment of Böyük Sehne.


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Böyük Sehne

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