BELARUS : Watch Video Interview With Teo and Some Facts on the Man

Teo - Interview with ESCKaz. Photo : YouTube

Teo – Interview with ESCKaz. Photo : YouTube

Belarus – Teo aka Yurly Vaschuk, will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2014 with apparently his song “Cheesecake”. In a video interview with our friends at the singer and song writer says that he sees no reason why his song “Cheesecake” should be changes for Eurovision.

Many Eurovision fans will know that Belarus has a strong tradition of changing the song that the winning artist will perform at Eurovision. Teo knows this only too well as he has been the songwriter of 2 songs that have won the Belarus National Final and then went on to be replaced at Eurovision.

Firstly he wrote the original song for Belarus at Eurovision 2010 for the band 3+2 called “Far Away”. That won the national final only to be replaced by “Butterflies”.

“Lightening doesn’t strike twice” – right? No is the answer. Last year he wrote the winning song for Alyona Lanskaya “Rhythm of Love” that was then replaced with “Solayoh”.

Third time is a charm and it would seem that Belarus will be sticking with their winning artist and song for Eurovision 2014 BUT as Yohanna would sing “Is It True?”


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and ESCKaz


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  1. Jeeze, he really cut it close to the deadline!! Haha I honestly cannot believe it won the national final 😛 I still don’t know what to think of it. I do not hate it 🙂 I was laughing so hard when it won!

    & Nope soz. eating cheesecake in New York is the best 😛

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