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Belarus Eurovision 2014. Photo :

Belarus Eurovision 2014. Photo :

Welcome to our live rolling blog of the Eurovision 2014 selection for Belrus. The show begins at 20:00 CET and you can watch the show live HERE

The Running order for the show is as follows

01 Natalia Tamelo “Not What I’ve Been Looking For”
02 Nuteki “Fly Away”
03 Artsem Mikhalenka “Rapsodiya #1″
04 Matvei Cooper and “DUX” band “Strippers”
05 TEO “Cheesecake”
06 Daria “Starlight”
07 Elena Siniavskaya “Via Lattea”
08 Alina Moshchenko “Angel Crying”
09 Janette “You Will Be Here”
10 Anastasia Malashkevich “Runaway”
11 Switter Boys feat. Kate&Volga Karol “Vechnaya lyubov”
12 NAPOLI “Stay With Me”
13 Max Lorens & DiDyuLya “Now You’re Gone”
14 Tasha Odi “Empty Universe”

The Show Begins

We are treated to a dance routine of a rather high-octane dance version of Alyona Lanskaya’s “Solayoh”.

Our hosts are whipping the crowd up into a frenzy

Natalia Tamelo “Not What I’ve Been Looking For”

Rockabilly song to start things off. 3 tuxedo wearing dancers are creating a whirlwind around Natalia. “Black is the new Black” in Belarus. Natalia looks as if she is wearing a string of grapes around her neck. All this was missing was Jazz hands. Slightly shrill and I think my lost puppy has found its way home.

Nuteki “Fly Away”

They were in the Belarus National final last year and this time around they are trying to make it to the contest. This is a typical Nuteki song – metal/rock guitar fuelled song. It has a Soundgarden meets Evanescence feel to it. Not as hard hitting as last year as this is a mid tempo song – which gives it some harmonies. Not for your Granny but for your Angst ridden puberty hitting younger brother. Plenty of lightening and head banging in this one. The crowd loved it

Artsem Mikhalenka “Rapsodiya #1″

Now for something completely different. A Pop-era song from the dashing Artem. This classical ballad takes on a dubstep twist to it during the second verse. Dramatic and OTT but this is Eurovision. It has a key change which the Eurovision textbooks will like. This is like a shy relative of Romania’s Cezar. He is accompanied by 4 female violinists and a man on the decks who was wearing what looked like a fax around his neck. Well it is cold in Belarus but “What does the fox say?”

Matvei Cooper and “DUX” band “Strippers”

They are the male version of the UK Acts La Roux and Erasure and Hurts – if they were ever to have a love child then these are their offspring. Electro/Rock/Pop. “Where do all the Strippers Go?” as a song title would certainly have many a Father tuning into Eurovision in Copenhagen to find out the answer to that question from “Dux”. Catchy and different but could I see a conservative Jury member voting for it – maybe not. However if “Dux” sent around the “Strippers” then who knows. The strippers were actually dancing behind the guys. They were cool and made it look effortless.

TEO “Cheesecake”

This is Robin Thick but a younger bearded version. Down to the suit, vocals and dance moves this is “Blurred Lines – Part Deux”. I suddenly feel hungry for some “Cheesecake”. Between “Cake bake” in Latvia and “Cheesecake” in Belarus there is certainly a culinary flavour to this year’s Eurovision selections. I have always been a fan of cheesecake and this gets my taste buds tingling. The signs that the 3 backing singers were waving about were pointless and a workplace hazard. I WANT CAKE

TV Ad break

 Daria “Starlight”

Everyone in Belarus is dressing in Black. Let’s get some colour here. Anyways Daria looks stunning in a frock that looks like it came from the 80’s show Dynasty. A Ballad come Dance song this is aiming for the feel-good factor with pictures of children beaming through shots of a galaxy – it is the Milkybar Kid for the new millennium. The vocals were strained at times but I was too busy thinking of the children!

Elena Siniavskaya “Via Lattea”

More popera and more black dresses. Poor Elena was off key from the very first note and things didn’t get any better unfortunately. I even felt scared for her. The key change in the song was even too much for Elena and she gave up on the note half way through it. Safe to say that barring a miracle this will not be winning the ticket to Copenhagen – wait this is Belarus.

Alina Moshchenko “Angel Crying”

“Houston we have a problem” – Alina is wearing white and looks beautiful. A gentle ballad that grows. The backing singers are giving it lots of arm movements. Alina was nervous and you could hear it in her voice which is a shame as this song has potential. Will the public be forgiving for some nervous notes and see the potential in this song?

Janette “You Will Be Here”

Ok we have our WOW moment. A skillfully crafted ballad and a flawless performance by Janette. “On No They Didn’t!!!” Janette’s black ball gown was actually 3 hidden dancers in black clothes that flew away. Totally OTT but it worked for me. The best vocals of the night by far and a strong ballad.

Anastasia Malashkevich “Runaway”

I know that I cannot speak Belarussian but I couldn’t understand a word that Anastasia was singing and the song was supposed to be in English. The first half of the song was in a key that was so low that it was in Australia and Anastasia couldn’t cope with it. She had dancers impersonating snow flakes dancing around her. All a bit random and certainly something that you won’t forget – but not maybe for the right reasons but Anastasia enjoyed herself from the smile on her face at the end of the song.

TV ad Break

Our hosts remind me of Zlata and Martin Rolinski

Switter Boys feat. Kate&Volga Karol “Vechnaya lyubov”

It is the Chuckle Brothers in tracksuits with a pair of stunning female twins and now Pavarotti’s son. This is the most bizare song of never ending love to a techno beat. I haven’t seen anything so off the wall in some time. They made Cazar look tame! It is like you see an accident and you just can’t help but keep looking. Is it wrong to want to see this again?

NAPOLI “Stay With Me”

A trio. He looked like he was in pain while singing and the 2 women looked like they were in a fashion show walking the catwalk. Falling petals didn’t work for me. Somewhat dated and lost on stage.

Max Lorens & DiDyuLya “Now You’re Gone”

The penultimate song and the favourite with the local press. A latin flavoured ballad with a lone dancer on the stage. The studio version was more appealing to me as this seemed to be lacking something. Max Lorens is highly successful and this may work in his favour.

Tasha Odi “Empty Universe”

Dressed like she is walking off the stage from the musical Chicago with the Trilby being used to greatest effect. However the hat stole the show as the song lacked any major hooks that stuck in your head. I found myself looking up hats on Amazon to buy. I need a Trilby!

That is your lot – all have acts have performed

TV Ad break and we have had Santa Claus and the coca cola advertisement. Bringing back Christmas memories!

3..2..1.. The Telephone lines are open.

The Telephone Lines are Closed

The Public Vote Top 4

1st – Max Lorens & DiDyuLya “Now You’re Gone”

2nd – Nuteki “Fly Away”

3rd – TEO “Cheesecake”

4th – NAPOLI “Stay With Me”

Televote Scoring

Televote Scoring

Now we wait for the Jury Votes

Interval Act

Alexsander Solodukha, the popular Russian and Belarusian singer has taken to the stage.

For the second time tonight we get Alyona Lanskaya’s “Solayoh”. The lip syncing is not exactly spot on. Are they pumping crowd cheers into the studio? Anyone?

One question – why are the people in the Interval Act not in the Grand Final as they are AWESOME

Ok we have lost count on how many Interval Acts there have been. It seems like another final in itself

We are suffering from Interval Act fatigue now – but the Accordion has to be the last Act – we say hoping

No we have more but “Hasta la Vista” is a good memory from Belarus

Next up we have the song that represented Belarus at Turkvizion last year “Son Hatıralar” sung by Gunesh Abbasova. She came second in the contest losing out to Azerbaijan in the final by 5 points

Ok I am on my 5th espresso now to keep me awake

Jury Votes Coming In

Each Jury member gives 8, 10 and 12 points

Teo takes the lead with 3 sets of 12 points and Janet Second

And the winner is Teo with the song “Cheescake”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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