Eurovision 2014

How To Win Eurovision – According to the BBC

How To Win Eurovision According to the BBC.  Photo : BBC

How To Win Eurovision According to the BBC. Photo : BBC

How to win the Eurovision Song Contest according to the BBC. A few key rules that you need to stick to according to the British Broadcaster. In this 2 hour look back at Eurovision over the decades, they pick out the “Do’s and Don’ts” that a country should remember if they want to win Eurovision.

Aired last year (before they selected Bonnie Tyler) this is a satirical look at the contest from the BBC. Some of their golden rules on how to win Eurovision include

  • Steer clear of Rap, Reggae, and Yodeling music
  • Make a good first impression and sing in tune!
  • Pick the correct song theme – Usually Love and World Peace work well (so they say)
  • Avoid Politics
  • Dress for success – Avoid tank tops, no shoulder pads, bad hen nights costumes and tracksuits and if you are Javine avoid a wardrobe malfunction!
  • Don’t pay attention to the betting odds – as they tend to give you a false sense of security
  • Have a gimmick – Think Bucks Fizz ripping their skirts off and Sakis’ Giant Stapler
  • Don’t forget the Dance Routine
  • Pick the right song title – “That Sounds Good To Me”

One word of wisdom came from the show – “UK pick someone who is cool. They don’t need to be hugely famous”. Will the BBC listen to their own advice as they prepare Geri Halliwell for her extra 3 minutes of fame – but that is a whole other article.

Sit down tonight as the storms hit Europe and have a laugh at this show. It is almost as good as Eurovision itself!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : BBC

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