Eurovision Finals 2013

UK : Bankruptcy Doesn’t Deter This Eurovision Singer

Bankruptcy doesn't deter this UK Eurovision Singer. Photograph courtesy of

Bankruptcy doesn’t deter this UK Eurovision Singer. Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision singers are no exception to the economic crisis. Many singers have recently declared bankruptcy over the past few months. Many might think it time to hold up their mics – this one UK artist has taken full control of their career.

Andy Abraham’s during the summer declared bankruptcy and many thought that this may have been the end of his entertainment career. We have been following him on-line and are happy to report that he has been performing from Egypt to Italy and has recently touched down in Peru of all places where he will be working.

He recently has met up with American super star Ne-Yo. Not bad for someone who came second in X-Factor and didn’t win Eurovision. However it is his appearance at Eurovision that is still generating offers of work for Andy.

Andy represented the UK at Eurovision in 2008 with the song “Even If”.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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