DENMARK 2014 : An update on Eurovision and Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Denmark Update 2014. Photograph courtesy of Demianchuk/Reuters

Denmark Update 2014. Photograph courtesy of Demianchuk/Reuters

So how are preparatios going for Denmark in 2014 for Eurovision and Dansk Melodi Grand Prix? We thought we would give you a quick update.

News just in that our hosts for next year, Denmark, have had a record numbers of songs submitted to be considered to represent the hosts in Copenhagen next May. Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will take place in Odense on March 8th 2014 and the secret panel of judges will have 872 songs to choose from which include amateur, professional and wild cards songs. With such a huge response I am sure there will be a fair share of cracking songs for Denmark to choose from and give them a great chance to defend their crown in Copenhagen. Of course the last time they were in the same position back in 2001, Denmark came a very credible 2nd with Rollo and King singing the very catchy “Never Ever let You Go”.

More news from Denmark is that they have been running some tests on visual SFX using a live audience as the potential screen. It is a form of projecting using the audience either wearing white shirts or holding up white boards in order to project digital images onto them. The testing is only in it’s infancy and results of the test are still being analysed by DR but its interesting to see they are looking into trying out new exciting and innovative ideas for next years live shows.

One thing we always like to see here at EurovisionIreland is new ideas keeping the show fresh and interesting and that will all be captured on film by DR this year. Yes next year’s Eurovision broadcaster has conformed that they have already commissioned a camera crew to follow the high’s and lows of Eurovision 2014 preparations. The TV documentary will be aired before the contest and will show the successes and challenges that have faced DR in creating “Eurovision Island” 2014. We hope to see some juicy gossip – as the first segment will cover “How DR chose their host City for Eurovision” and will include reactions from the unsuccessful bidding teams of Horsens and Herning. I hope they are candid and truthful in their reactions!

It will certainly will include the public selection of the Danish Act for 2014 – that again should be competitive. Here is hoping for some insider news!

Here is the latest aerial view of Eurovision Island and the work that DR still has to do on creating a Eurovision Extravaganza.

Author Andrew Main

Sources and Eurovisionary

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