Eurovision Remix Time – Melodic Death Metal with a Salsa Twist

Eurovision Remix and Cover Versions. Photograph of musformation

Eurovision Remix and Cover Versions. Photograph of musformation

It is always good to hear a remix or a cover version of a Eurovision song – especially a winner that is in need of updating. Such cover versions have surfaced to life.

If I had long flowing hair then I would be moshing to this metal version of “Only Teardrops”. What makes this even better is that the band are called “”Craving” and describe their style of metal as “Melodic Death Metal” – oh how apt! I would have certainly have voted for this version in Malmo.

Next up we have “The Seven Kings” that are the family of the world-renowned “Gipsy Kings”. They have taken several Eurovision classics and given them a Flamenco/Latin twist. During the Summer they not only recorded “Molitva”  by Marija Šerifović, but they also shared the same stage with her. Personally I had not predicted “Molitva” to win Eurovision and to be as popular as it is among Eurovison fans, but when you hear the “Seven Kings” perform the song, you have to ask the question – “Why have they not been to Eurovision themselves?”

They did not stop there. They went on to cover one of Eurovision’s most successful songs ever “Volare/”Nel blu, dipinto di blu” by Italian heart-throb (in the day) Domenico Modugno.

The question is – “Will a great song sound great in any music genre or will a great band make an average song sound good?”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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