Eurovision Finals 2013

IRELAND : Johnny Logan in Song Contest Final

"The Hit" - New RTE show. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

“The Hit” – New RTE show. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Eurovision Legend Johnny Logan will be competing in the Grand Final of the RTE show “The Hit” this Friday August 30th at the O2 in Dublin. We will be there to see him do battle with 4 other well-known singers. Can Logan win another Song Contest? We think so! We have the details on how you can be there too.

The final of the RTE show “The Hit” is taking place this Friday, August 30th in the O2 theater in Dublin. The 5 weekly qualifiers will be performing along with the RTE National Concert Orchestra. So who is in the running for “The Ultimate Hit”?


  1. The Stunning
  2. Ryan O’Shaughnessy
  3. Johnny Logan
  4. Samantha Mumba
  5. Finbar Furey/Mundy


The Stunning – “Run and Hide”

The Stunning have returned to the Irish charts after a long absence and won the first week of the show with the song “Run and Hide”. The song is composed by Alice Lynskey.




Ryan O’Shaughnessy – “Who Do You Love”


Ryan shot to fame from appearing in “The Voice of Ireland” and “Britain’s Got Talent”. He won the second heat  of “The Hit” with the song “Who Do You Love” which is composed by Mark Graham and Francis Mitchell.




Johnny Logan – “Prayin”


Johnny Logan returned to the Irish charts in a big way by winning week 3 of the show with the song “Prayin” composed by Alan Earls. Leather pants and rapping made this a sure winner for us!




Samantha Mumba – “Somebody Like Me”


Week 4 saw Samantha Mumba return to her chart winning days when she won the heat with the song “Somebody Like Me” composed by Liz Seaver.

Finbar Furey/Mundy

Last week both Finbar Furey and Mundy debuted their songs in the hope of winning the last place in the Grand Final of “The Hit”.

Whichever act finishes higher in the Irish Charts on Thursday at Midnight – will join the other artists in the Grand Final on Friday.

Finbar Furey performed the song “The Last Great Love Song” which is composed by Gerry Flemming. The song is currently at #13 in the Irish Download charts.




Mundy performed the song “Jigsaw Man” which is composed by Mark Walsh. The song is currently at #16 in the Irish Download charts.



So there are your finalists. The “Ultimate Hit” winner of the show will be decided by the public tele and text votes on the night itself. The prize for winning is a €20,000 prize fund for the composer. For all the songwriters taking part in “The Hit” – this is their first time having their music make it into the charts – so it is an excellent way of showcasing the wonderful Irish Talent that there is in the country.

Grammy Award winning producer Steve Lillywhite will be attending the show – as it was him who shortlisted the songs for the heats of the contest.




You can be in the O2 arena for the Grand Final of “The Hit” this Friday. You can get your tickets on-line at Ticketmaster here

Get your tickets quickly as they are going fast and maybe see Johnny Logan win another Song Contest!


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and RTE

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