EBU Respond to our “Open Letter” on the LGBT Community at Eurovision

EBU Executive Supervisor (Jon Ola Sand) and EBU Event Supervisor) Response to Eurovision Ireland's Editorial Open Letter on GLBT challenges across Europe. Photograph property of Eurovision Ireland

EBU Executive Supervisor (Jon Ola Sand) and EBU Event Supervisor(Sietse Bakker) Respond to Eurovision Ireland’s Editorial Open Letter on LGBT challenges across Europe. Photograph property of Eurovision Ireland

Eurovision Ireland has just received a letter from Mr Jon Ola Sand (Eurovision Executive Supervisor) and Mr Sietse Bakker (Eurovision Event Supervisor) in response to our recent “open letter” concerning the growing anti LGBT legislation in parts of Europe – read here

Firstly we are very happy to hear that the EBU is also concerned with the growing anti LGBT legislation taking place and recognise that it is a concern for them too.

Secondly they have said that they want to support the LGBT community just like they have supported the contest over the decades.

They did admit that the Eurovision Song Contest is not a direct vehicle to interact with governments on their legislation but importantly an opportunity to bring people from all races, gender and sexual orientation together – a sentiment that we agree with too.

We here at Eurovision Ireland are very thankful for Mr Sand’s and Bakker’s response to our letter. We have responded to them suggesting the formation a “Eurovision Fan Reference Group” that can meet on-line to begin with, to discuss how Eurovision  can develop and hopefully enlighten people’s beliefs of “We are one” and ultimately feedback to the EBU for consideration.

Videos from the second day of Eurovision 2013 Rehearsals - Photograph courtesy of SVT/EBU

Eurovision 2013 “We Are One” – Photograph courtesy of SVT/EBU

“Big things come from small beginnings” as they say. So we ask if there are any people out there with constructive suggestions on how to grown the Eurovision motto of “We Are One” – to get in contact with us here at Eurovision Ireland. Mail us at Eurovisionireland@live.ie and mark your email “We Are One”. 

Thanks again to Jon Ola Sand and Sietse Bakker for their response

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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    • Many Thanks Martin. Yes Baby steps but we have to begin somewhere. The amount of mails we have received from all over Europe thanking us for following this up has been really overwhelming and humbling.

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