Eurovision Finals 2013

SWEDEN : Watch Anna Bergendahl’s new video “I hate New York”

Anna Bergendahl releases a new song - "I Hate New York". Photograph courtesy of

Anna Bergendahl releases a new song – “I Hate New York”. Photograph courtesy of

Anna Bergendahl is back with a new song and video. She represented Sweden at Eurovision in 2010 with the song “This is My Life” and to the shock of the nation she missed out on making the Grand Final.

However Anna is not a woman to take a set back lying down. While we were in Malmo, we took a night off from partying and were looking at local Swedish TV. They showing a programme following Anna on her song writing time that she spent in America recording her new material.

This is the result of her time spent in America – and we have to admit that it was time well spent. A new image which is a lot grittier than what we saw back in 2010. Gone is the long hair and the make up. The song is soft rock/pop song that has undertones of classic old Rhythm and Blues music with trumpets.

I was never overly fond of Anna’s Eurovision song but I am a falling in love with “I Hate New York” and her more mature and earthy sound that she has created.

Tack för musiken

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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