Eurovision 2013

Win Followers and Influence People ! Open Call for Writers

Eurovision Ireland wants more Writers and Contributors

We are looking for more writers as we are about to unveil some great new ways and ideas for covering the Eurovision universe as we recover from the emotional rollercoaster of Copenhagen 2014 and start pitching base camp for Vienna in 2015.

HOW do you Know It’s for YOU?

uncle sam Eurovision

You keep reading Eurovision articles and can’t wait to add your  thoughts to the comment thread.  You are disgusted that someone just said something very clever on a Eurovision website and you just know you really thought of it first. Last year. Worse still you just read a really daft defense of the Eurovision voting blocks and can’t help yelling your rebuttal at the screen. Don’t you just wish MORE people could hear your cogent, witty and deeply insightful takes on Eurovision? Does it feel like your great Eurovision analysis just falls on deaf ears? Well here’s your chance to get heard.

What  Does it Take to get In?

  • You need to write in fluent conversational English and be able to show some creative flair and personality when talking about your favourite Eurovision topics.
  • An ability to write online i.e. be computer literate, and if you have no experience blogging, the ability to learn how to use an application like WordPress over time
  • A Passion for Eurovision Like no Other !
  • A sample piece of writing to send into us  via web-link or email so we can find out if there is a good fit

What’s In it For YOU?

  • There’s no Money, that’s for sure!  We write out of  Love for the topic, megalomania and financed by the air that we breathe.
  • It’s your chance to get heard by a great Audience. With close to half a million views this year alone and the potential to get daily views up to 50 k a day , your ideas could be reaching a lot of eager readers in Eurovision land. Our posts don’t just  get viewed on the website – they get seen on Facebook and our interviews get great traction on YouTube. your top posts will have the potential to reach more than 10,000 people in a couple of months.
  • It’s your chance to get another handy notch in your CV if you are looking for experience in blogging and writing.
  • A strong chance at Global domination as we have readers tuning in from every and I mean Every corner of the globe from Yemen to Uganda to Canada, Singapore  and Australia and once more around.
  • You will get ready feedback from a very engaged community and make lots of new friends and followers in the process
  • If you have your own Blog or website , we will support you by letting you sign off with a link to your site and hope this wins you more followers in the process.

Seriously how could you resist a chance to write for

Write in to us now


Tell Us What You Think!

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