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Eurovision 2013 Social Media Statistics Revealed

Eurovision 2013 Social Media Statistics - Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision 2013 Social Media Statistics – Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision 2013 social media statistics have been released and they make for very interesting reading. These are primarily based on Irish Social Media networks but they do in fact throw some light on to the Top Social Media countries throughout Eurovision and the things they were talking of before, during and after the contest.

Eurovision Mentions on May 18th

On May 18th (Eurovision Grand Final) there were 185,603 mentions of Eurovision on Irish Social Networks. This represents a whopping 23% of all social Media conversations on that day. 30% of all Irish Social Media conversations in Ireland took place during the voting in the Grand Final. Interestingly this is also the peak time of the television viewership with a peak of over 1 million viewers then.

Most Talked about Country

If Irish Tweets were votes – and if you could vote for yourself – then Ireland would have been the clear winner of Eurovision 2013 , followed by our neighbours The UK. The Top 10 most tweeted countries in Ireland during the Grand Final Were

  1. Ireland (by a landslide)
  2. UK
  3. Denmark
  4. Greece
  5. Romania
  6. Sweden
  7. Germany
  8. Norway
  9. Finland
  10. Malta

The Top Tweet

The Top Tweet on the night during the Grand final was the following

“Text From Angela Merkel – Alcohol is NOT free in Greece #Eurovision”

This tweet came from @Queen_UK and was retweeted by 2,800 users and was made favorite by 500 people.

Most Influential Tweeters on the night

  2. @DarranSull86
  3. @JimJimNugent
  4. @joedotie
  5. @RTEPlayer
  6. @Spin103
  7. @RTE2fm
  8. @ColmTobin
  9. @SeanMontcrieff
  10. @Jim_Sheridan

Irish Social Media and Eurovision Following Demographic

So who in Ireland actually commentated about Eurovision on Social Media Networks, and is it the same people who follow the show on television?

Well 53% of Social Commentators were women and 47% were men. When you compare this to the TV audience it is very similar as 55% of the viewing audience in Ireland were Women while 45% were men.

Funniest Tweet

One of the funniest tweets that came from one of the most influential Tweeters was that of  @ColmTobin – he tweeted

“In Ireland we all walk around naked with bodhrans. It’s mainly because of our extremely tight waistlines and wonderful climate #Eurovision”

How Popular was Eurovision this year?

Currently this year’s Eurovision was the 3rd most watched show in Ireland just behind Mrs Brown’s Boys and The RTE News. However Eurovision viewing figures in Ireland were up 6% year on year which is an sign that the new Eurovision viewers that Jedward brought to the show with their participation in 2011 and 2012, have stayed on following the contest – Resu

One Big Difference Between TV Viewers and Twitter Followers during the Grand Final

You can see that from the start of the show the TV audience continually built and did not experience a lull in viewership during the Interval Act before the voting started. This is in direct contrast to the Twitter activity which saw a sharp drop in it’s activity until the voting began.

Most Used Hashtags

During the month of May #Eurovision was the most used hashtag in Ireland. It was used a massive 93,367 times. To put that into perspective here is the May Top 5

  1. #Eurovision – 93,367
  2. #MUFC – 22,296
  3. #rt – 18,116
  4. #Ireland – 16,722
  5. #thingsirishpeopledontsay – 15,329

So far this year #Eurovision was the 6th most used Hashtag in Ireland!

Most Active Countries in Social Media

Here are the Top 5 most active countries in Social Media in Europe. As you will see that despite our small population us Irish “LOVE TO TALK” when you look at statistics.

  1. UK
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland
  4. Sweden
  5. France

These statistics clearly show that the digital age is shaping how we communicate and view Eurovision and cannot be ignored by broadcasters and the EBU. Will it be long before the EBU allow us to vote by tweeting our favorite songs at Eurovision – as this has to be the next step forward!

Were you tweeting and using other social media forums to share your Eurovision experience? 

Let us know. 

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Viseum

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