Eurovision History

How is the Eurovision Song Contest Changing? Is the Internet to Blame? Join our Survey

The last 2 weeks has seen a lot of discussion in the papers including: soul searching, controvesy and rumour mongering as we flounder around to make sense of the voting results and our respective nations’ performances in the 2013 Eurovison Song contest. We are interested in your opinion.

What do YOU think is CHANGING the Eurovision Song contest in the last few years,

What key TRENDS are affecting Eurovision and are going to influence the FUTURE RESULTS

Is the INTERNET a Force for good , bad or apathy in whole shebang?

How is the Internet Affecting your Eurovision Experience? Is it changing your Voting patterns and how you enjoy the music?

Enter our Survey below. Just click the title

How Is The Internet Is Changing Eurovision?

Some results from the last survey.

What Made Eurovision Popular in the PAST – In Our last Survey

A map of Europe showing how many times each co...

A map of Europe showing how many times each country has won the Eurovision Song Contest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We got a 100 responses from our readers in the last survey: What makes Eurovision POPULAR in your part of the world and how we can make it more popular amongst the younger future generation of readers.

A lot of you cited its rich history & tradition, bringing all the cultures together , the great Show, costumes, entertainment, tribal passions, the big party atmosphere and of course the voting.

Most of you were 21-35 years old with many 35-55 yrs old too.

When asked for ways to make it more popular especially amongst younger viewers. You overwhelmingly replied with:

  • better VOTING procedures,
  • NO BLOCK voting,
  • more streamlined less drawn out formats
  • better use of Social Media ,
  • online voting ,
  • better juries
  • more support from national broadcasters.

So Whats the way forward and will there be a digital answer in the Clouds?

Tell Us What You Think!

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