Eurovision Finals 2013

Voting Order Announced – and Analysis/Predictions of where the 12 points will go

Voting order for Eurovision 2013 Announced - Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Voting order for Eurovision 2013 Announced – Photograph courtesy of YouTube

The voting order for the Eurovision 2013 has been announced. This voting order is decided so that it should create a closer voting sequence based on the Jury votes from tonights Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal

The order is as follows including the Jury spokesperson. 

1) San Marino (John Kennedy O’Connor)
2) Sweden (Yohio)
3) Albania (Andri Xhahu)
4) Netherlands (Cornald Maas)
5) Austria (Kati Bellowitsch)
6) United Kingdom (Scott Mills)
7) Israel (Ofer Nachshon)
8) Serbia (Maja Nikolic)
9) Ukraine (Matias)
10) Hungary(Éva Novodomszky)
11) Romania (Sonia Argint)
12) Moldova (Olivia Furtuna)
13) Azerbaijan (Tamilla Shirinova)
14) Norway (Tooji)
15) Armenia (Andre)
16) Italy (Federica Gentile)
17) Finland (Kristiina Wheeler)
18) Spain (Inés Paz)
19) Belarus (Darya Domracheva)
20) Latvia (Anmary)
21) Bulgaria (Joana Dragneva)
22) Belgium (Barbara Louys)
23) Russia (Alsou)
24) Malta (Emma Hickey)
25) Estonia (Rolf Roosalu)
26) Germany (Lena)
27) Iceland (Maria Sigrun Hilmarsdottir)
28) France (Marine Vignes)
29) Greece (Andriana Magania)
30) Ireland (Nicky Byrne)
31) Denmark (Sofie Lassen-Kalhke)
32) Montenegro (Ivana Sebek)
33) Slovenia (Andrea F)
34) Georgia (Liza Tsiklauri)
35) F.Y.R. Macedonia (Dimitar Atanasovski)
36) Cyprus (Loukas Hamatsos)
37) Croatia (Uršula Tolj)
38) Switzerland (Mélanie Freymond)
39) Lithuania (Ignas Krupavicius)


So we are going to make a guesstimate where the 12 points will go – around a table tonight


1) San Marino – 12 points to Italy
2) Sweden – 12 points to Norway
3) Albania – 12 points to Greece
4) Netherlands – 12 points to Belgium
5) Austria – 12 points to Germany
6) United Kingdom – 12 points to Ireland
7) Israel – 12 points to Russia
8) Serbia – 12 points to Ukraine (As Zlata has Serbian heritage)
9) Ukraine – 12 points to Russia
10) Hungary – Germany
11) Romania – 12 points to Moldova
12) Moldova – 12 points to Romania
13) Azerbaijan – 12 points to Georgia
14) Norway – 12 points to Sweden
15) Armenia – 12 points to Georgia
16) Italy – 12 points to Romania (from 2 of us) , Germany (1 of us) and France (1 of us)
17) Finland – 12 points to Estonia
18) Spain – 12 points to France/Italy
19) Belarus  – 12 points to Russia
20) Latvia – 12 points to Russia (2 of us), Lithuania and Estonia
21) Bulgaria – 12 points to Greece
22) Belgium – 12 points to Armenia/Netherlands (2 each)
23) Russia – 12 points to Ukraine
24) Malta – 12 points to Azerbaijan/UK/Ireland/Georgia (1 each)
25) Estonia – 12 points to Finland
26) Germany – 12 points to UK
27) Iceland – 12 points to Denmark
28) France – 12 points to Armenia (3 of the team) and I think Italy
29) Greece – 12 points to Malta
30) Ireland – 12 points to Uk (3 of us) and 1 for Lithuania
31) Denmark – 12 points to Iceland (3 of us) and 1 for Sweden
32) Montenegro – 12 points to (3 of us)  Russia and 1 for Greece
33) Slovenia – 12 points to Italy
34) Georgia – 12 points to Armenia/Azerbaijan
35) F.Y.R. Macedonia – 12 points to Greece
36) Cyprus – 12 points to Greece
37) Croatia – 12 points to Italy
38) Switzerland  – 12 points to Germany
39) Lithuania  – 12 points to Russia (3 of us) and 1 for Estonia


So where do you think the 12 points will go to?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. And once again, another year with no suspense at all during the voting, althouh I agree with the final score finaly. It is just so predicting as a fan, I guess. But for the average viewer it must have been entertaining. I did not consider Denmark as an obvious winner till the contest, but they proved me wrong.
    well done, Emmilie ! You had the most instantlty appealing song that night, and that counts certainly more than have a sophisticated one. Other countries including mine should learn this lesson, (but my country almost never ! )

  2. So no one will give the 12 point to Malta because it is a tiny island with no neighbours huh ? I think people should listen to the songs and vote for the sake of music, otherwise certain countries will never have a chance to win the Eurovision.

  3. The 12 points of Spain will go to Italy, for sure! People in Spain loves this type of italian songs.

  4. What is wth all the support for Denmark? I just don’t get it?! … There are practically zero lyrics… It’s just repeating the same over and over and over and oveer… Once again, I think the public are easily led my the media hype over Denmark. It’s in the bottom of the list for good songs imo…

  5. Belgium wont get 12 points from the Netherlands. However, our singer is italian and the song is written by a finn and a cypriot… So look out for high votes from those countries for Belgium!

  6. Us in the North don’t give high points just because we’re neighbours, we give it because of the song. And we’re all more or less agreed that Denmark has a good song this year.

    In former years both Sweden and Denmark have given Norway 0 point, as well as Norway gave us 0 point. We’re not that political as others might be.

    In 1989 for instance Sweden gave Norway 2 points. In 1990 Sweden gave 0 point to Norway and 3 point to Denmark. Norway gave 6 and 7 points to Sweden and Denmark. And Denmark gave Norway 1 point and 0 to Sweden same year. In 1995 Sweden gave Norway 0 point and Denmark gave 2 point. In 1999 Norway gave 0 point to Denmark. And finally (I didn’t want to go through all years) in 2002 Sweden gave Denmark 0 point.

    So it’s wrong to say that Denmark, Norway and Sweden always gives the high point to each other.

    I hope Denmark will go well tonight as they have a good song, but I’m also chering for The Netherlands.

    • Good points Jeanette – however all the years you mention are when the Jury only gave points. Now take into consideration the populist vote. In fairness Denmark did not get many points from any country in 2002

      • And they only got 12 points from Iceland as the only Nordic country. But we got 12 points from Montenegro – a country that never gives Denmark point.

        And though Sweden gave 10, Norway and Finland only gae 7.

        And the neighbourhood between Ireland and United Kingdom this year was also gone, as Ireland gave United Kingdom 7 point, and they gave Ireland only 1 point.

        I really think that people choose because of the song now.

  7. Latvia will NEVER give 12 points to Russia – political reasons… Same i think Armenia – Georgia..(may actually give Russia 12 points instead ).. Still it is very unpredictable, sometimes get surprises..

  8. Could you then calculate how many points each country start with according to you predictions above ?
    It would be interesting (and I confess I don’t have the courage to calculate myself, but you did begin yourself, so…)

  9. So Denmark only get 1 x 12points??…Denmark are going to win and the voting order suggests that I think…

    (Below are their max points from countries that should give denmark 12 or high points).

    Juries (1 to 10) 4 x 12points
    juries (11 to 20) 3 X 12 Points
    juries (21 to 30) 8 X 12 points
    juries (31 to 39) 3 X 12 points

    It will make for more interesting tv of course that way

    • It is certainly not so clear cut Maurice. With so many Scandi/Nordic songs I thing the 12’s may be split. But 12 points don’t decide a Eurovision winner – it is the 7/8/10’s etc

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