Eurovision 2013

Ireland – Second Rehearsal with Video


Ireland’s Eurovision 2013 representative, Ryan Dolan has just taken to the stage for the 2nd rehearsal of his song Only Love Survives.

It was another great performance from Ryan Dolan. The backdrop now turns from the busy yellow/red/orange one into red and then to blue and features Celtic hearts. This puts more of the focus back onto Ryan and the drummers and dancers as it is less distracting.

The strobe lighting lit up the whole arena and it looked great, it made you feel part of the performance. The drummers again look brilliant and their energy and enthusiasm carry into the audience. It is refreshing to have backing singers that are there to add substance and harmony to the lead vocals and not to carry them as Ryan certainly doesn’t need it.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

The wall of fire that we saw in the first rehearsal did not happen but the pyros at the end were much improved from the little puffs we saw on Tuesday.

The Irish delegation should be delighted with this performance and Ryan Dolan should sail into Saturday night’s final.


We will post a photo album from the rehearsal later.

Contributor/Author Elaine Dove

Source Eurovision Ireland

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  1. great improvement, backing singers are great too. The two lads at the front is a bit much at the start of the song though. will Ryan qualify – I hope so….. its going to be very tight though – a lot of the other countries are coming back in to contention as well. At the minute in this order – Netherlands, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Ireland, Serbia, Austria, Belarus, Croatia.

    Whats the press poll like there guys?

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