OGAE Turkey Cast their Eurovision Votes

OGAE Turkey Eurovision Vote Results 2013

OGAE Turkey Cast their Eurovision 2013 Votes – Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Turkey may not be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest this year but their OGAE Club have cast their votes for Eurovision 2013. Will they be awarding Azerbaijan their 12 points? Let’s take a closer look.

OGAE Turkey

1 point – the Netherlands

2 points – Russia

3 points – Bulgaria

4 points – Denmark

5 points – Montenegro

6 points – Azerbaijan

7 points – Georgia

8 points – Germany

10 points – Moldova

12 points – San Marino

So Azerbaijan comes in with 6 points and the leader Denmark receives 4 points. However the good news in that Bulgaria receive their first set of OGAE points – so we have to play “Samo Shampioni” by Elitsa & Stoyan.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

The OGAE Top 10

  1. Denmark – 324 Points
  2. San Marino – 245 Points
  3. Norway– 243 Points
  4. Germany – 164
  5. Italy – 148
  6. The Netherlands – 133 Points
  7. United Kingdom – 113 Points
  8. Ukraine – 95 Points
  9. Sweden – 94 Points
  10. Russia – 77 Points

San Marino jump back into second place

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 111jvr111)

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source OGAE and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Okay. So ignore the last two posts. Should always wait until the official votes are announced. Ran away with myself there, sorry about that!. The Russian votes have been announced and the ones I listed are not correct. Ukraine get their 12 points with nothing for Bulgaria or Armenia thus Armenia remains the 6th country to have scored no points thus far.

    • And it’s all change again. It would seem my listed votes are correct after all.
      Hope you had a safe trip to Malmo. Looking forward to following you there. 🙂

  2. Russia’s OGAE Votes (unofficial but I think they’re right)
    1 Netherlands
    2 Israel
    3 Norway
    4 Bulgaria
    5 Armenia
    6 Denmark
    7 Germany
    8 San Marino
    10 Ukraine
    12 Italy

  3. Actually, Russia were the first to give points to Bulgaria (and Armenia) but for some reason they haven’t been posted anywhere yet. The only clubs now without points are Cyprus (such a shame) Albania, Belgium, Lithuania & Latvia.

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