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“Money Money Money” as ABBA reunion bets grow

ABBA reunion rumors took another step forward yesterday (Photograph Courtesy of

ABBA reunion rumors took another step forward yesterday (Photograph Courtesy of

“Money Money Money” is the name of the gain as rumors of an Abba reunion took a step forward yesterday with Agnetha Faltskog, who is releasing her solo album called “A”, was asked by German’s Die Zeit Magazine, if she would be open to an ABBA reunion – “Maybe a charity concert? I would not say ‘No’ right away,” she said.

Agnetha had been resistant to an ABBA reunion but this has been the first indication that she could be open to the idea. Add to this the band giving their blessing to the first Abba Museum opening in Stockholm and Benny and Bjorn’s confirmed involvement in this year’s contest – never have ABBA reunion rumors reached such levels since the premier of the movie of “Mama Mia” in Stockholm that they all attended.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of MozPiano 2)

However when news of Agnetha’s comments hit the internet yesterday, Bookmakers went in a frenzy. Betting House Paddy Power  were offering odds of 14/1 for ABBA to perform together in 2013 and 16/1 on ABBA opening the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, at the show that launched ABBA to Global fame.

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Die Zeit and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Well to be honest am fed up with the ‘will they won’t they’ rumour by now. If you’re going to reunite and do something together then get on with it and stop faffing about teasing people and getting fans worked up. It’s a cruel blow if they don’t. Have been a fan since 1974 and would love to see them do another recording above anything else. Just one would be great however since the lads can’t even be bothered to finish the recording of ‘Just Like That ‘ and release it in some format or other then I doubt this will come to fruition either. Great to see Agnetha releasing a new album and delighted the guys are doing a piece for Malmo. Pity Frida seems to be quite quiet though. I shall not hold my breath.

  2. It would really be great. They should do it ! That would be for sure the most desperately unexpected (though expected in some way) opening in the constest ever !

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