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UK Media already putting Bonnie’s Chances down

Bonnie Tyler - Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative

Bonnie Tyler – Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative

One could not turn the pages of the weekend’s newspapers without reading how media insiders have been telling Eurovision Hopeful Bonnie Tyler “You won’t win – your song is too good for Eurovision”. The story ran in many UK publications ranging from The Mirror to The Guardian. The media had been very generous in their support for Tyler up until now.


(YouTube Courtesy of BBC)

“Believe in Me” was on the A-Playlist with BBC Radio and she has been touring Europe on the PR campaign and will be appearing on the Graham Norton TV Show on Friday May 3rd. Is it too much to ask that the British Media not to put down their Eurovision Act as they are preparing for one of the biggest live performances of their lives?

Is the UK making excuses in case the song does not score well this year at Eurovision or is this just residual cynicism from when Terry Wogan mocked the show to oblivion?

(YouTube Fabbyboy)

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source – Mirror/Guardian and Picture courtesy of FaceBook

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