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OGAE Ireland Vote and their Eurovision 2013 winner is ……

OGAE Ireland Cast their Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE Ireland Cast their Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE or “Organisation Generale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision” is the official Eurovision Fan Network across Europe. The Irish organisation held their annual Party and voted on the countries competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Under the Presidency of Diarmuid Furlong, the festivities took place on Friday Evening in Enniscorthy in County Wexford.

45 members voted in the usual Eurovision Fashion awarding points from 1-8 and then 10 and a maximum 12 or Douze points to their favorite song. In this the Irish fans are allowed to vote for Ireland so it is always interesting to see where they place the home entry. There are no semi finals and members just vote for their favorite songs from the entire 39 entries.

Here is a link that will allow you to play out the full voting sequence so you can see where the votes went to.

We can reveal that it was a very close run race and the Top 10 ended up as follows

  1. The Netherlands – Points 203
  2. Denmark – Points 194
  3. Russia – Points 185
  4. Norway – Points 184
  5. Ireland – Points 149
  6. Germany – Points 146
  7. Sweden – Points 135
  8. United Kingdom – Points 121
  9. Finland – Points 116
  10. Ukraine – Points 108

Congratulations to Anouk from The Netherlands with her song “Birds” that has been awarded the OGAE Ireland 12 points for 2013

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

If you were to take the entire votes the 10 qualifiers from each of the semi finals would be as follows

Semi Final 1

  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Russia
  • Ireland
  • Ukraine
  • Estonia
  • Belarus
  • Croatia
  • Belgium
  • Moldova

Semi Final 2

  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Azerbaijan
  • Malta
  • Georgia
  • San Marino
  • Iceland
  • Switzerland
  • Israel
  • Greece

The Big 6 would finish as follows

  • Germany – 6th Place
  • Sweden – 7th
  • United Kingdom 8th
  • Italy – 11th
  • France 15th
  • Spain 20th

The Irish fans believe that Ireland with Ryan Dolan performing “Only Love Survives” should make the final by qualifying in 4th place in Semi Final 1 and then come 5th in the Grand Final.


So there you have the OGAE Ireland votes – Do you think they got it right? Let us know.

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia – Source OGAE Ireland and Eurovision Ireland)

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  1. Delighted to see the Netherlands doing so well, I really love the song but have fears it might have trouble getting wider appeal especially with Tele voters. Have to say Finland has grown on me in recent times so can see its appeal. Don’t know about Switzerland, Belguim, Israel and Iceland getting into the final?

  2. Seeing Finland and UK so highly placed. I haven’t really rated them that much but will redirect my attention to them more closely. I cannot get into the whole Ukranian/Disneyesque entry but no doubt being Ukraine it will do well. I think Azerbaijan may well make the top 10. No doubt my views will all change again once the rehearsals start and we finally see the staging and hear the live performances.

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