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Montenegro – Video Released for “Igranka” by Who See

"Who See" will Represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2013

“Who See” will Represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2013


Montenegro will be represented by “Who See” at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Igranka”. As they promised they bring a modern dub step beat to Eurovision with their Balkan rap. This is current and will rock Eurovision up this year.


Who See will be joined by Nina Žižić  on the Eurovision Stage. Montenegro promised something fresh and they have delivered!

Source Eurovision Ireland

Photograph Courtesy of Montenegro Eurovision Facebook and YouTube Video courtesy of Embedded Owner


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  1. Very uneurovisionesque. I don’t like it personnally, but the contest certainly needs diversity, so not a bad idea in itself to send it to Malmo.

    • Thin you hot the nail on the head Franck. It is a song that will divide people but the contest needs to reflect all genres out there to sustain it. I would have also have like to see Winnie Puhh in Estonia there too. Have to admit though that we are liking this piece of Dub Step from Montenegro

    • I think that with so many Euphoria-esque songs in the contest people might go for this one and take them to the final. They are very well known on the continent and have won an MTV award too. Think it would be healthy for the contest to have this in the final

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