Eurovision National Finals 2013

Moldova 2013 : Listen to the first 9 Semi Finalists here

trm Moldova 2013

(Photograpy Courtesy of TRM)

Who will represent Moldova at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo, Sweden? Well National Broadcaster TRM have just released the first successful 9 songs that will compete in their National Selection process – and we have Irish interest. Follow the link below to listen to all the songs

  • Boris Covali – “Runaways” – As we had predicted one of the composers of the first song is Irish singer/Writer and Producer Michael James Down. A strong electro/pop/rock ballad. Boris’ voice reminds me somewhat of Jon Bon Jovi with some of his notes.
  • FireLove – “Just smile” – A 5 piece band with a female lead singer. A funky rock/pop song. In the same vein as American college rock bands.
  • Paşa Valeria – “Show me your feelings” – A contemporary soul ballad with a subtle rap. Reminds me of  Ashanti and Shola Ama
  • Aliona Moon – “A milion” – An orchestral power ballad. It has the hint of 80’s British singer Beverley Craven
  • Stela Boţan – “Inima mea” – A gentle rock ballad that you could imagine American band “Heart” performing.
  • Cristina Scarlat – “I pray” – A sombre ballad that has religious connotations in the lyrics. I could see PJ Harvey singing this.
  • Cristina Croitoru & Karizma – “Never fall again” – An ethno/pop song that starts off slow and then builds for the chorus.  The vocals don’t come into the song until after 1 minute. Good harmonies from Cristina and Karizma 
  • Felicia Dunaf – “Codename Felice” –  mid tempo dance/ballad with a dub-step beat. Slightly like Rita Ora in sound
  • Aurel Chirtoacă – “Iartă-mă” – A good rock ballad that sounds like it could be taken from a Def Leppard  album.

February 26th and 28th will see 12 acts in each semi final looking for a place in the grand final on 2 March. 

Source TRM

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