Eurovision National Finals 2013

Greece 2013 : Greece Goes MAD for Eurovision

Co-national flag for use on sea and abroad. Fr...

Co-national flag for use on sea and abroad. From 1978 the sole national flag of Greece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Greek tragedy has been avoided as ERT (Greek National Broadcaster) has given the task of organising the Greek Eurovision Selection for 2013 to Mad TV. ERT had reached out to local Record Companies in trying to get  them to source the organising of the National Selection and Eurovision Preparations for Malmo. After no agreement was made with any label, ERT assigned their Eurovision 2013 selection to private music TV Channel MAD TV.

Mad TV have allegedly selected 4 artists to compete in the National final.

  1. Aggeliki Iliadi
  2. Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovides
  3. Alex Leon
  4. Thomai Apegi

Each of these artists are known in Greece and the local region

Here is a selection of their music to date.

Aggeliki Iliadi

A young, stunning and talented singer. Think of an Ana Vissi in training.

(YouTube Video courtesy of videocliper)

Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovides

This cross generational collaboration seems to be new so here is a song from Koza Mostra – Think a Greek version of the Beastie Boys

(YouTube Video Courtesy of zoltantribe)

Koza Mostra will perform with Agathonas Iakovides – a traditional Greek musician who is highly respected

(YouTube Video Courtesy of sabax82)

Alex Leon

Dance all the way. Think the Hellenic David Guetta

(YouTube Video Courtesy of playmenmusic)

Thomai Apegi

Something fresh yet nostalgic. Soul and Jazz singer that could be compared to a Greek Paloma Faith.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of PanikRecordsTube)

No date has been formally communicated yet as to when the Greek National final will take place.

Stay Tuned for more information.

Source – Escxtra and Wikipedia and MAD TV.

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