Eurovision National Finals 2013


The national flag of Switzerland.

The national flag of Switzerland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Switzerland start their final NOW.

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The Performers are

  • Ally – Catch me
  • Chiara Dubey – Bella sera
  • CarrouselJ’avais rendez-vous
  • Anthony Bighead – Do the monkey
  • Heilsarmee – You and me
  • Nill Klemm – On my way
  • Melissa – The point of no return
  • Nicolas Fraissinet – Lève-toi
  • Jesse Ritch – Forever & a day

Introduction – The Crowd are electric and the stage is amazing. Good job Switzerland

Ally – Catch me

The look was very 40/50’s inspired for this bluesy song. A dancer with Ally and her backing singers. She gave a good performance of a reasonable song. I think it would get lost in a Semi Final and may get lost tonight

Score 5/10

Chiara Dubey – Bella sera

Haunting Ballad for a very timid singer that actually suits the song beautifully. A lot of Indian religious imagery in the background that just worked really well for me in the live performance. Sweet and Charming and I can see people liking the vibe of this song – especially the juries.

Score 7/10

Carrousel – J’avais rendez-vous

Let me but a ticket for that Carousel. That is everything you want from a good Eurovision Song. The return of the accordion and a male and female duo fronting a real band is just wonderful. This has a Swiss Schlarger feel to it. The cloud got into the song so easily and both singers were charming. I really liked this one. Public and Jury will love this

Score 8/10

Anthony Bighead – Do the monkey

You will either love or hate this and I am on the fence of LOVING this! Let’s be honest here. It is a novelty song with a great gimmick. It had very much hints of Gildo and Stefan Raab from Germany 1998 and 2000 respectively. This is funky music with a funky dance than any silly ape could do – including me. The 2 backing singers have great voices and lift the song another level. Anthony could use more volume on his vocals – BUT I LOVE IT! Anthony jumped into the audience and climbed up one of the stage cranes. This could do so well in the public vote that it could WIN

Score 9/10

Heilsarmee – You and me

The Salvation Army make an appearance here with a soft rock band. Easily the best reaction in the audience so far and it is one of my favourites but the performance was lacking energy. It was like looking at Englebert back again for Switzerland. The lead singers didn’t sell the song to the camera. They need to learn their camera angles and use the entire stage. This is a song that should be getting the crowd involved and they didn’t . The lead guitarist needs to feature more in the camera work as he really knows what performance is all about. I thought this had it in the bag before the show – I am not sure now and think it may lose out to a Bunch of Monkies

Score 8.5/10

Nill Klemm – On my way

As the song says “On My Way” –  home unfortunately. An average country styled song with 3 hip hop female dancers. It looks all wrong and it pains me to say this but it sounds hollow in parts. This looks like one of those exercise videos that you get from a Z list celebrity released after Christmas when everyone is feeling guilty about all the food they ate. No character or identity to this song. Sorry Nill – but thankfully not Nill points

Score 3/10

Melissa – The point of no return

I have just had a Tooji moment again. Remember him from Norway this year in Baku? Well the Tooji effect means – A Great Songs, Great Choreography but a singer who unfortunately has not got a good voice. The song was sung in English but there were parts in that song where her diction was so bad that I found myself looking for my French dictionary. I am torn here. She and the song have it all but the vocals were not good at all. But these can be improved – up the volume of the backing singers mics. The crowd loved it though so it will be in the running

Score 8.5/10

Nicolas Fraissinet – Lève-toi

This is a good song that your parents would like to listen to when they are out taking the Volvo for a drive in the country. A nice build to the song that you can tap your fingers too – not strong enough to reach to your toes. A good performance of an average song. If this song went to Eurovision I think it would fail to make the final. Also the song came to a rather abrupt end with some strange key changes. This song will be staying in Dad’s Volvo.

Score 4/10

Jesse Ritch – Forever & a day

The Swiss have just created a cardinal sin and actually made a great song look terrible. Jesse is a handsome young guy and has the voice for this RnB styled song. What did our Swiss team do? They put him in a cabaret white suit where a more casual look would have been better. Then to make it worse they had an IKEA style wardrobe in the middle of the stage that looked so out of place. And what happened next was that a contortionist danced her way out of the closet in a black laced cat suit. It just screamed what can we do to make this look WOW – but they were thinking of Eurovision 2002 and just ruined a perfectly good song. LESS IS MORE!!!!

Score 5/10

All the songs have been sung and we await some great Euro Interval performances as they Swiss allways treat us each year.

Based on what I saw my Top 4 would be

  • Anthony Bighead – Do the monkey
  • Melissa – The point of no return
  • Carrousel – J’avais rendez-vous
  • Heilsarmee – You and me

VOTING LINES ARE CLOSED – And the decision on who wins and represents Switzerland at Eurovision 2013 will be made by 100% Public Vote

Now It is time for Switzerland’s 2012 Entrants in Azerbaijan Baku – the lovely guys from Sinplus with their new song “Turn On The Lights”. And they were great guys as I met them several times in Baku and they were always so friendly. Actually could we send “Turn On The Lights” to Malmö??

Now a look at humorous look at Sweden – from Countryside to Vikings to Bad Politician Singing, Folk Dancing, Pingu the cartoon penguin to a Moose Loose Around This “Supermarket”. Very funny indeed


  • Heilsarmee
  • Jesse Rich
  • Carrousel

And the WINNER is Heilsarmee with the song “You And Me”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCLyricsUK )

If they get the performance right this can do well in Switzerland. Congratulations Switzerland on a wonderful show

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source SF TV)

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