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English: A variant of the national flag of Belarus with 2 red stripes who borders the ornament pattern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sit back and Enjoy the search for the songs for Belarus Eurovision 2013 with us here at Eurovision Ireland/

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We are in for a night of DRAMA and wonderful performances from Belarus’ first entrants way back in 2004 and their most successful artist Koldun from 2007. So just keep refreshing this page to get our thoughts and views on the songs/singers/performances and potential at Eurovision 2013 – Sit back and Enjoy with us!!

The show is moving at such a fast pace that it is hard to keep up readers

Song 1 – Vitaly Voronlo – “I Wonder How You”

Well this was a fun and catchy song. You don’t het to see a a man and his accordion dancing to a pop track that often.

It reminds me a lot of Mandinga from Romania this year and that was an infectious song.

The staging is excellent and hats off to the Belarussian Broadcaster for a great show

This would score well at Eurovision as Vitaly is distinctive and the song is easy to get into.

Potential 7/10

2 – Max Lorena – I Love Your Charming Eyes

Well this is Belarus’s answer to Dima Bilan but he is much better built.

This is a moody Ballad that came across well.

Max knows how to work a camera and his backing singers were that – backing singers. They didn’t take prominence in the performance. He was like a more mature Peter Andre.

It could get slightly lost in a battle of ballads at Eurovision

Potential 6/10

3 – Aloyna Grossi – Rhythm Of Love

WOW – Is all I can say. This is a dance track that grabs you by the hair and makes you want to get up and dance.

Her vocals were amazing and her dance routine with her dancers was just amazing. It looked like the finished product and a lot of time and effort has gone into this performance

Eurovision would love this and it is very current and you could imagine Kesha singing this song

Potential 9/10

4 – Yankey – Letter to Your Mother

Well in the age of telephones and email is there really any need for a letter. I am not sure when the last time I wrote one.

It was very dramatic with Yankey on the stage clutching the pages of his mother’s letter.

Not a stand out song and I think would struggle to qualify

Potential – 3/10

Song 5 – Beaver Band

Ah if these were a wedding band I would book them tomorrow. They were fun and you know that you would have a great time on the town with them.

But how would it be at Eurovision – I think it would be more suited to “Belarus Has Got Talent” where it would probably win. But for Eurovision I thing it could have a difficult time

Potential – 3/10

Song 6 – Daria – Catch me if you can

Well this song sounds and looks better live then it did in the preview video.

Dressed in an old Hollywood style she stands on a plinth – like Niamk Kavanagh did in Oslo in 2010

The song though is a little dated and I think would suffer at Eurovision. More suited to Eurovision back in 1950’s

Potential 3/10

Song 7 – Uzari – Secret

I had heard an acoustic version of this song and I liked it but on the live show it sounded a little overproduced – which is a shame.

Uzari is very passionate on stage and can sell the song well but it just seemed a little rushed and lost the atmosphere that the song had when it was more simple

Potential – 5/10

Song 8 – Alexi Gross – One Way Love

A handsome man who looks well on camera and would be sure to melt some hearts across Europe.

The song though really stayed at the same pace throughout the performance

It really needed a climax and a strong key change that never came

Potential – 6/10

Song 9 – Nuteki Band – Save Me

Well this has shaken things up completely. A good Electro/Rock song

The guys looked slick in their Men In Black Suits

They were joined though by a 12 foot man on stilts that looked like a Giant Verka Serduka from Ukraine. I didn’t get the point of it but I rather enjoyed it.

They have energy by the bucket load and the song is catchy

Potential – 8/10

Song 10 – Satsura – Get out Of My Way

Have they saved the best until last?

Eurovision is noted for the female singers removing garments well the lead singer was hardly wearing anything on his torso and with his 2 backing singers and dancers with him they put in an excellent performance.

The song is like a mixture between Swedish House Mafia and Depeche Mode. The choreography was excellent and fit the song and let’s face it is good to look at a handsome MAN BAND on stage. This could be a threat

Potential 9/10

Interval Time

Koldun – Work Your Magic

This is still one of the best songs to come from Eastern Europe in my opinion. Very James Bond Like and Koldun seems to look younger. Could we re-enter this song again? Fantastic performance

The Public Vote was in and the Top 3 looked like this – A good Top 3 in my opinion

12 Points – 3 – Aloyna Grossi – Rhythm Of Love

10 Points – Song 9 – Nuteki Band – Save Me

8 Points – Song 10 – Satsura – Get out Of My Way

Now for the JURY vote

It is full sweep for Aloyna Grossi and her song Rhythm of Love as it won the Jury and Public Vote. Could this be the Year Belarus takes the title at Eurovision – a very strong chance!!

So here is the FIRST entrant for Eurovision 2013

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Ballerine111)

What do you think?

Source Eurovision Ireland

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

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  1. I didn’t watch the show on TV, but the winning song is far more promising played live on the stage than when I first heard it on the video. ood choice and good beginning for this year’s Eurovision season !

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