Eurovision 2012

NEWSFLASH – Is Sweden’s Loreen Feeling Better?

(Courtesy of Melodi Festivalen)

Loreen took to the stage today for her second dress rehearsal. A lot of media attention around her as it was clear that she was not feeling well last Tuesday. Vocally Loreen was holding back which is fine. She needs to rest her voice until se 100% better. But there was a distinct improvement from her last performance. the dance routinne looked great and she wore the same dress from Melodi Festivalen but with more tassles on it. This certainly makes her hand movememts more distinctive and dramatic. A lovely touch is when Loreen is on the floor and her dancer pulls her away from the camera. It looks like she is being taken back like a Kung Fu movie. Also the final dance move where the dancer lifts Loreen over his head is now done in slow motion and highly effective. The favourite is back on track

(Video Courtesy of

Sprinting into the final and a Top 5 finish

Could we be off to Stockholm?

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