Eurovision 2012

Ireland Bring Technology to Eurovision 2012

Yes Jedward in their quest to bring technology to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Azerbaijan with “Waterline”, will not be the ONLY Irish Act on show in Baku. The Irish design company New Media Technology College (NMTC) have beaten off all other countries and won the Eurovision Song Contest contract to designed the 3D Logo for the European Broadcasting Union which will be broadcast during each ad break at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest reaching over 125 million viewers.

The European Boradcasting Union

Back in 2009 The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) were seeking a company to design a High Definition Corporate Video and Logo for The Eurovision Song Contest and NMTC stepped up to the challenge. The talented staff at NMTC began work on their proposal and using “3D Studio Max & After Effects” their concept began to take shape. Once the visuals were in place the music was added to the video by none other than the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Competition

NMTC beat off competition from global companies including that of the BBC in the UK. This is a huge accomplishment for a company based in Ireland to have such a talented team and far reaching impact globally. The EBU have been so impressed by the work of NMTC that they have comissioned them to deliver seminars in Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt. Further to this NMTC have created many photo shoots and videos for the EBU that they use at their HQ in Geneva and on the EBU material that they distribute across Europe.

So who are NMTC?

Well we were fortunate to be in contact with Dr Kelly McErlean from NMTC. “Founded in 2000, New Media Technology College quickly developed as one of the country’s leading training institutions in the areas of Film, Photography, Performing Arts, Digital Design, Journalism, IT, Music & Radio Production. Since its inception, hundreds of students have passed through the doors of 13 Harcourt Street, a stunning Georgian building behind whose walls lies a truly impressive range of facilities – from a high-definition film suite and fully-equipped photographic dark room, to a number of other studios including those for sound recording and a multimedia editing suite.

Many former NMTC students have successfully undertaken post-graduate studies at various institutions, from Trinity College Dublin to UCLA and ENS Louis Lumière School, Paris. The college has reciprocal student exchange agreements in place with both ENS and the School of Visual Arts, New York. NMTC boasts several awards including a Golden Spider and a Digital Media award.”

NMTC celebrates 12 years with the rollout this Autumn of several new MA courses including MA Photography, MA Film, and MA by Project.

So this year when you are waiting to see Jedward, Loreen, The Grannies and Englebert Humperdinck at the Eurovision Song Contest on May 22nd, 24th and 26th – remember that the Logo’s that you will marvelling in will be from the wonderful IRISH team at NMTC.

For any further information on NMTC

Contact Dr Kelly McErlean, New Media Technology College, 13 Harcourt St., Dublin 2, Ireland
Ph. 00 353 (1) 478 0905 Fax 00 353 (1) 478 0922 Web

We would love to hear your opinions of the design that NMTC have created.

Or if you are Aware of any other Irish Businesses involved in the production of Eurovision 2012; Do share!

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  1. Lovin it!hopefully jedward will wini think the final is on my birthday so everyone get voting xx

  2. Thank you for that great article- it really bodes well for our export of creative services to hear stories like that – let’s hope it opens up more opportunities for Irish Exports in the Eurovision Sphere

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