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Evolution of the Top 10 – Eurovision 2021 – Betting Odds – Day 6

We are at the end of Day 6, when we’ve seen the Big 5 plus the Netherlands rehearse for the first time. The picture is now complete so let’s see what the bookies have to say! See below the evolution of the Top 10 according to the bookies. […]


Want a review that doesn’t take up all of your precious time? Then you’ve come to the right place! It’s your favourite lightening-fast review show: Review in Two, better known as #ReVu2! Each of the 37 countries taking part in Liverpool will all have their #ReVu2 moment, so […]

#BULGARIA: Watch VICTORIA Reveal Her Song For Eurovision 2021 Here – Live From 20:00 GMT/21:00 CET

VICTORIA will reveal her 2021 Eurovision Song Contest entry tonight, during her “A Little Dramatic” concert. You can watch it below: VICTORIA will perform the five songs from her debut EP “a little dramatic” – “Imaginary Friend”, “Growing Up is Getting Old”, “Dive into Unknown”, “Phantom Pain”, “The Funeral […]