🎉 #EI10: Our Favourite Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – 2021

At the start of April, Eurovision Ireland entered its 10th anniversary year. Now that the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest and its aftermath is over, we thought it was about time we got around to celebrating. Some of the current team, along with some of our contributors, have put their thoughts together.

Today, we are looking at our favourite Junior Eurovision Song Contest from the first ten years of Eurovision Ireland.


That would be the contest in Gliwice in 2019. I was there, and saw how JESC was developing a style of its own, with high production values, and a good crop of songs. It also put down a marker that TVP could host a big ESC one day. 

Video: YouTube/EBU


I’m going to choose 2017. Tbilisi was great from a cultural point of view and GPB, the Georgian national broadcaster showed the country off in its full potential throughout the whole Contest. Georgia has won the Contest the most times and I can’t wait to go there again – whether for JESC or ESC!

Video: YouTube/EBU


The one held in 2020. It was done in the first year of the pandemic and we considered ourselves very fortunate to have it , given that the world was still in lockdowns and living under social distancing regulations  with most of the contest being done virtually. However it was still an enjoyable show and we got a great winner in France with Valentina , singing “J’imagine”.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Roy (Eurovision Apocalypse)

I’ve got to say 2014. It might not have had the best songs, but it’s the only one I’ve attended in person to date, and it was great to see how it was all put together, and how cool all of the kids were. I’m also a sucker for gigs in converted shipyards, so I was in hog heaven! Somewhere along the line I shook hands with the Maltese President too – it was a strange old week.

Video: YouTube/Rosella22

Let us know what you think about Eurovision Ireland’s 10th Anniversary – either in the comments below or on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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