#BIRTHDAY: Wenche Myrhe is 75 today

#BIRTHDAY: Wenche Myrhe is 75 today

Do you admire those Eurovision stars with longevity? As was proven in the recent Sanremo Music Festival, if you’ve got it, you’ll always have a career in entertainment, and never have to resort to dentistry or working down a mine.

Today’s birthday girl Wenche Synnøve Myhre (sometimes known as Wencke) has that longevity. She first tried to win a golden ticket to Eurovision in 1964. She last tried in 2009. That’s a span of 45 years. She did make it once, and not for her native Norway. In 1968 she took a trip to London and represented Germany! It was a restrained affair, with a sensible audience, and probably no scrums for press material backstage. Good times. Anyway, Wenche/Wencke managed to do quite a bit better than the gentleman singing for her home country. And after her national final performance (for Norway, naturally) in 1992, who wouldn’t love to see her again?

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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