IRELAND: Live blog of Eurosong 2022 from 22.35 CET

IRELAND: Live blog of Eurosong 2022 from 22.35 CET

23.27 – Thanks for staying with us. Tell us whether you think it’s the right choice. And how do you think Brooke will do in May?

23.26 – So Brooke from Derry will be going to Turin. Congratulations to her.

23.23 – Public jury last. The tension! Brendan 2 points (12). Rachel 4 points (24). Patrick 6 points (22). Miles 8 points (24). Janet 10 points (16). Brooke 12 points (28)

23.20 – Studio jury next. Janet 2 points (6). Brooke 4 points (16). Patrick 6 points (16). Brendan 8 points (10 ). Miles 10 points (16). Janet 12 points (20)

23.19 – International jury first. Brendan 2 points. Rachel 4 points. Miles 6 points. Janet 8 points. Patrick 10 points. Brooke 12 points

23.11 – We’re back. The voting is about to start. After a chat in the Green Room, natch.

23.05 – Another ad break, before we get down to the nitty-gritty of the voting.

23.03 – The songs get 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points from the public televote. In the event of a tie, the public televote precedence.

23.02 – It’s the bit that builds. Many on stage – in more modern clothing that the traditional 1994 stylee. This is all very very good, even 28 years on. Yes, that’s 28 years on! It’s still a goosebumps moment.

23.00 – No Michael Flatley, and we start with the good old hard shoe tap. No Anúna introduction.

22.59 – It’s only RIVERDANCE!!!

22.54 – Back for an interval act before we get the votes through.

22.49 – Another ad break.

22.45 – The lines are open. Patrick’s aunty Maureen already has her phone out.

22.44 – The studio jury like the vibe and the ‘having fun’ attitude.

22.41 – A very bright backdrop of glitterballs. And two dancers. Her voice is quite harsh, but suits the song. She makes a very good connection with the camera. The choreography is very good too. Instead of the slower bridges we’ve heard tonight, this one does grab you a little more. Another floor-filler.

22.38 – Our final song is from Brooke. It’s That’s rich

22.37 – The studio jury likes it. It harks back to the 1980s. Flashdance is mentioned.

22.34 – Neon – as promised when we interviewed her. Rachel is in silver. She has two backing dancers and this is nicely energetic. Definitely has the potential to be a floor-filler. There’s a decent guitar riff in there too. And a wind machine! Woo-hoo! Not bad, not bad at all. And lots of cheers.

22.30 – Song 5 is from Rachel Goode – I’m loving me

22.29 – The studio jury say it’s a simple song, an earworm. And it’s catchy.

22.26 – Miles is sat at a piano. He has five backing dancers/singers/instrumentalists, all in yellow. It’s nicely syncopated – more a foot-tapper than a floor-filler. It bounces along OK, and the dancers show us their best moves. Nice.

22.23 – Song 4 is from Miles Graham – Yeah, we’re gonna get out of it.

22.22 – Ad break over. Back to Marty who’s speaking to some more performers. Patrick had trouble ironing his stage clothes. Janet is likened to Adele. Brendan is ‘too small to be a veteran’.

22.11 – A short break whilst we have details of the competition, and then a commercial break. Reklama out east, I understand.

22.10 – More good words from the studio jury. He’s likeable and emotive. And he tells a story.

22.08 – A downbeat performance, with Brendan, a pianist, guitarist and two seated backing singers. Whilst a ballad, there’s a slightly speedier undercurrent which works well. It’s clearly heartfelt and he makes regular eye contact with the camera. He definitely has the voice although this might not quite go down as well as songs 1 and 2. He didn’t disgrace himself though.

22.05 – It’s Brendan’s turn next. We know he’s done his stuff before. His song is Real Love.

22.04 – Janet’s fan club are in the audience, lively enough to get a comment from Ryan.

22.00 – A song in the Emily Sandé stylee. Janet is in a simple blue frock, flanked by four backing singers. We get flames – naturally – in the backdrop. Another powerful voice and very sympathetic song arrangement. She too has a subdued bridge before the final, powerful, chorus. This ain’t half bad.

21.57 – Janet Grogan is on next. Ashes of yesterday

21.56 – The studio jury speak well of Patrick’s performance. An effortless voice they say. An audience member – his aunt – was obviously liking the performance.

21.52 – His prop is a double bed on an otherwise empty stage. The backdrop is swirling red and blue hearts. This is a nice modern mid-tempo song. Two dancers join him, dancing on said bed. He seems very confident and switches his gaze between the audience and the cameras. It builds nicely, even with the more downbeat bridge to the final chorus. And he holds the big note. A good opener.

21.48 – Patrick O’Sullivan is on first. One night, one kiss, one promise

21.47 – Miles is a getting-out-of-lockdown song. He’s very laid back.

21.46 – Brooke was called by Dana this morning! Rachel is going full pop diva!

21.46 – In Studio 5 (the Green Room) the legendary Marty Whelan is in charge.

21.45 – Ryan tells the audience to make their feeling known after each song too. That could be the wrong thing to say.

21.41 – The studio jury includes Paul Harrington and Caroline Corr! Ryan speaks to them for their views. Paul has plenty to say.

21.40 – The televote spokesperson is Panty Bliss.

21.39 – There is a jury, an international jury, and a televote to decide the winner. Jurors from Russia, Czech Rep, and Iceland

21.37 – Ryan Tubridy is our master. We get a reminder Ireland has seven wins.

21.36 – And here we go. Lots of old ESC logos and a familiar theme tune. And a montage of big moments. The usual stuff.

In the first national final since 2015, Irish broadcaster RTÉ has selected six songs for tonight’s show in the primetime Late Late Show slot. One will be going to Turin in May. Who will it be?

Follow this blog from 21.35 Dublin time, and see what we at Eurovision Ireland think of the performances. Will Ireland choose wisely? Click on Refresh to see our latest thoughts.

You can watch the broadcast HERE.

Author: John Stanton

Source RTÉ, Eurovision Ireland

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