Eurovision 2021

#FINLAND: UMK 2022 Acts Revealed

This morning, Yle, the Finnish national broadcaster, revealed the acts, their songs and the dates of song release that will be taking part in UMK. The seven acts are:

  • Cyan Kicks – “Hurricane” (13/01)
  • BESS – “Ram pam pam” (14/01)
  • The Rasmus – “Jezebel” (17/01)
  • Younghearted – “Sun numero” (Your number) (18/01)
  • Olivera – “Thank God I’m an Atheist” (19/01)
  • Tommi Läntinen – “Elämä kantaa mua” (Life carries me) (20/01)
  • Isaac Sene – “Kuuma jäbä” (Hot ice) (21/01)

Tapio Hakanen, UMK Jury Chairman, had the following to say:

“This year’s artist and song roster is probably the most versatile and best we’ve ever had. We’ll hear from Finnish music legends, and hottest rising stars. The overall quality of the songs in the final is amazing and I’m grateful that so many top composers and producers have participated in creating these future classics. The seven songs feature many powerful and different moods, and I hope every Finn will find one or several favorites among them. Previous finalists Erika Vikman, Aksel, Ilta, and Blind Channel have all shown how UMK can take to the stars both in Finland and internationally, and I believe this year’s artists will all further their careers through the competition. Combined with our super skilled team behind the show, I’m confident we’ll witness an unforgettable UMK final show in February.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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