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#NORWAY :Tonight Heat 5 of NGMP :LIVE BLOG from 19:55 CET 18:55 GMT

God Kveld Europa, Godmorgen Australia , Yes folks, a week goes by very quickly and here we are again , ready for Heat 5 of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, coming live from the H3 Arena in Fornebu . Thank you to my colleague James for taking over the reins last week in my absence , superb job done there. In what is the last of the seemingly never ending marathon of heats. we have another 4 acts competing for a place in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix Grand Final, due to take place on 20th February . As in the last heats , the acts will be placed into two duels, decided by a draw at the start of the show . The winner from each duel goes forward to compete in a Gold Duel , the winner of that goes to the final on 20th February . You probably all know the drill off by heart now ! Our hosts for the evening are Ronny Brede Aase, Kåre Magnus Bergh, unfortunately , our other regular host, Ingrid Gjessing Linhalve has had to pull out for the rest of the series due to ill health ( get well soon Ingrid!), her place will be taken tonight and the rest of the season by Silje Nordnes .a Norwegian journalist.

The four lucky acts competing tonight are as follows:

Ane.Fin -“Walking in my sleep”

TuVeia “Bli med meg på gar’n”

Imerika -“I can’t escape”

River-“Coming Home”

As always, the result tonight will be decided entirely by 100 % public vote

Please get your drinks and snacks, relax and join me , Sarah , as we go through the evening , where I will be giving my comments and thoughts as to how the four acts are faring . You can even shout out to me and let me know what you think in the comments box below. It’s always fascinating to see how different people ‘s musical tastes are .

You can also follow the action live, courtesy of NRK HERE


Oops ! You’re too early, come back at 19:55 ( CET ) 18: 55 ( GMT ) and follow the action !

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And….Welcome back everyone ! So in a few minutes, we’ll be going live to the H3 Arena where the 5th Heat of MGP will begin. Just to recap on last week’s result Kiim was the lucky act who won the golden ticket to the final with the song ” My lonely voice”. Tonight , as has been the case during the previous heats, we will see a performance from one of the acts already pre-qualified to the final . Tonight, it’s the turn of Rein Alexander , you may remember him from last year with his song “One last time ” . Tonight he is singing ” Eyes wide open “, which we are informed is very different to his Viking banger from last year .

Just for the record , I have not listened to any of tonight’s songs, so this will truly be a first impression of the acts from me .

So…here we go, first a recap from last week

Hello….the hosts are having a bit of roller skating fun to Fly on the Wings of Love

Not sure the replacement host, Silje wanted to look quite like this for her first appearance!!

Now we’re being introduced to tonight’s hopefuls. As always, they will soon find out who they will be duelling against when our hosts do the draw . Just some clips of them now in rehearsals

About to do the draw …..

Ane .Fin V Imerika

Tuveia v River

TuVeia “Bli med meg på gar’n”

Tuveia consists of three male singers, they have taken us to the farm this evening .It’s a bit of a mixture of celtic tones and rap . The men are dressed in green suits, looking a bit like airline piolets! It’s bizarre, that’s all I can say ! It’s very repetitive , although quite danceable to ! Not sure what to make of them really !

Post performance interview, they seem pleased with their performance, some weird noises going on in the background !

Let’s hope we get a bit of sanity back with the next act !

River -Coming Home

River are two casually dressed male singers and we have gone from the farm to a bit of country style mixed with pop. They are joined by a drummer . Their style reminds me a bit of the Olsen Brothers who won for Denmark in 2000. It’s a well performed , pleasant enough song but to me it lacks a bit of oomph and is just coming across as a nice , pleasant radio song. I think this would struggle with the bigger acts in the Final .Nice performance , they can be pleased with themselves.

Silje’s just explaining about the voting process and now we have the recap of the first duel..I really can’t say which way this will go …I think Tuveia may just make it, for the sheer craziness of it !

Here we go….first result , feel the tension !!

River are through ………

Just another interval…..with the previous week’s acts discussing their experiences .

So on to Duel 2

Ane.Fin-Walking in my sleep

Ane.Fin’s staging looks a bit like the start of a James Bond movie , dark staging and coming out of the misty surrounding. Casually dressed . in a green suit, vocals good .

Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the connection to the show….Hoping to get normal service back as soon as possible, please bear with us every one !

Unfortunately it seems there is a problem with the live stream from NRK…..We will have to wait and see if we get it back…..hang on in there everyone !

Unfortunately , we still aren’t getting any joy . It’s not looking very hopeful at the moment that we will get the live show back at this point in time. I’ll keep you posted

And, we are back, unfortunately we have missed Duel 2 and it looks like Imerika made it to the Gold Duel, to compete with River

River-Coming Home

It’s a much stronger performance from River this time . Very much in the style of the Olson brothers, these guys look like they are enjoying themselves on stage . Vocals are sound and they do have good stage presence . Big cheer from the audience ! .

just a look at the already qualified acts now

Imerika – I can’ t escape

Having missed her first performance , we get to see Imerika for the first time. She’s dressed in all black , alone on stage. It’s all very much like watching a performance from Adele and the song does sound very much like one which could have easily been sung by her. Imerika ,, I feel is trying to be Norway’s answer to Adele . She certainly puts the passion in .She can certainly hit the high notes. . It’s always refreshing to see a performance that doesn’t rely on backing singers to carry the main singer through . I feel she will take this heat .

Recap now ,of the two acts .The hosts are constantly reminding us that the final is next Saturday !

Result time ……..

AND…….It’s Imerika through to the final next week !

Congratulations to Imerika , not surprised at the result at all.

On Monday we will see who gets the very last golden ticket to the Grand Final when we see the Second Chance round take place ,so tune in to see the results of that on Monday !

Thank you for joining me tonight and again apologies for the hiccup in proceedings tonight due to a breakdown of the live stream from NRK . Unfortunately we did not get to see the performance of Rein Alexander tonight, who is already qualified to the final .Goodnight everyone and please join me next week, same time, same place fore the grand final .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : NRK

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