#BIRTHDAY: Svante Thuresson from Sweden is 84 today

#BIRTHDAY: Svante Thuresson from Sweden is 84 today

Some of you might have heard of a country in the north of our fair continent called Sweden. It’s taken part a few times in our favourite TV show. And they may have occasionally won too.

It took Sweden eight contests before they really challenged for their first win. They actually finished second to Austria with a song from today’s birthday boy Svante Thuresson, along with his mate Lill Lindfors. In Melodifestivalen 1966 he also performed a solo song, so had double the chance to getting to sunny Luxembourg. Once there, Svante and Lill had a song that was the favourite with three of the four juries (out of 17). They were a long way behind the eventual winner. But what the contest probably needs is another song about a swineherd. Ralph and Bernd, it’s over to you.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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