#Norway-Tonight Semi final 3 : Live Blog at 19.50 CET# Openup

Tonight, Norway continues its search for their representative to go to Rotterdam in May , with Semi Final 3 taking place at the H3 Arena in Fornebu. Tonight’s acts all hoping to win that golden ticket to the Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix in Trondheim are as follows:

Alexandru-Pink Jacket

Kristin Husøy-Pray for me

Sie Gubba -Kjære du

Thomas Løseth (ft ErikaNorwich)-Vertigo

As with the previous semi finals the 4 acts will be split into 2 duels with the winner of each duel competing in the “Gold Final” to win the ticket to the Grand Final on 15th February 2020. Also as in the previous semi finals, one of the acts already pre-qualified to the final will perform and tonight, it’s the turn of Akuvi ,, who will perform “Som du er”.

Join me , Sarah , for our live blog at 19:50 CET , when I will be guiding you through the evening’s action from Norway , sharing my thoughts and opinions on the acts and the show overall. You know the drill, just keep up with the action as it happens by refreshing this page.

You can also watch the action live HERE


It’s a little early yet , but never fear, I will be back later just before we go live to Norway .

God kveld Europa! God Morgen Australia ! welcome back ! Hope you’re all settled with drinks and snacks and ready for the entertainment to begin. By the way , I have not heard any of tonight’s songs so tonight really will be a first impression from me. Please feel free to drop a line and give your own thoughts and opinions as we progress through the evening . Our hosts tonight will be :

Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, Ronny Brede Aase , they have hosted the last two shows, so am sure you’ll have grown to love them by now ! 😁. We’re just waiting for NRK to let us access their live link , then we’re ready to go …….

Unfortunately we have some technical problems getting into the live link….please bear with us !

And we’re in ! With the presenters going through the proceedings for the night

Alexandru is introducing himself now . due to missing the first few minutes, I don’t know yet who he is duelling against

Alexandru-Pink Jacket

As the song suggests, Alexandru has a pink jacket on stage , not actually wearing it to start with but is now . He has two female backing dancers dressed in black , nice little pop number , it’s good , but for me not outstanding .

Now we’re in the audience talking with Alexandru’s fan club …or rather his mother !

Alexandru is up against Sie Gabba with their song ” Kjaere du”.They are just introducing themselves now .

Sie Gabba ” Kjaere Du”

I thought on first sight of these guys that we might be in for a bit of the old rock but it’s actually more like a country /pop type number with five in the band , we even have a bit of the old violin, trying to emulate Alexander Rybak , me thinks .

Over to the family in the audience

Time for voting now , who will win the first duel ? We are having a recap of both songs .

Both acts being invited back on stage now

Sie Gubba have won the first Duel …..

Now for Duel 2 ….Kristin Husoy V Thomas Loseth , with Thomas singing first . He’s just introducing himself now. His song is called Vertigo, hopefully better than another song called Vertigo , which was sung by Olivia Lewis for Malta in 2007 Remember that ?

Thomas Loseth -Vertigo

Thomas starts alone on stage, dressed in black with black leather jacket, song is a ballad, he’s then joined by Erika Norwich on stage , nice harmonies there, it’s actually quite a nice song . we then get backing singers , who are actually a small choir of children , not sure with the six on stage rule whether they would be able to perform in Rotterdam !

Now we’re being introduced to Kristin Husøy….

Kristin Husøy-” Pray for me”

Kristin is all in black , with smoke at her feet and a dark stage with yellow lights in the back ground, it’s an upbeat track and catchy but only seems to be the type of song you would hear on the radio and not remember all that well . She has four male backing singers , I think we may well be ” praying ” for her

Over to the Kristin fan club in the audience…think it’s her sister !

Now we’re getting the recap of both songs ….Kristin or Thomas….who do we think ?

They are inviting them back on stage now

Nail biting times for both …..

Kristin is through ……

So Kristin Husoy V Sie Gabba in the Gold Final !

Now we have Akuvi, tonight’s already pre qualified finalist introducing herself , before performing her song ” Som du er”

It’s a dance number , reminiscent a bit of Malta last year meets Cyprus 2018 , Akuvi is joined on stage by 6 backing dancers, A lot of the movements very like Cyprus 2018 too. I can see why this was pre-qualified !

Now we ‘re seeing more memories of past Melodi Grand Prix shows. Oh…they’re doing a tribute to Jahn Teigen , he who was famous for the nil points in Eurovision 1978 ……What a legend !

Here we go……the Gold final , up first is Sie Gubba

Well, it’s pleasant enough but we have just been having a recap of MGP 1989 and I’m afraid that this wouldn’t have looked out of place back in those times. It’s ok but a bit dull and ” dull “and “ok” unfortunately don’t work in Eurovision

More memories of days gone by in MGP now

Looking at those fashions and hairstyles again … times have changed !A mention for Margaret Berger and Jowst too

Kristin is back singing “Pray for me”

This reminds me a lot of Chimene Badi who tried to represent France last year but lost out to Bilal Hassani , similar staging and fashion , it’s not as good a song though , It’s the kind of song you need to hear a few times to get into, it’s ok .

We have the recap now before the final result ….

Who will get the golden ticket to the Grand Final of MGP in Trondheim on 15th February ?

This is nerve wracking !!!!!

And it’s…….Kristin Husøy with Pray for me !!!!!

So……Kristin goes forward to the Grand Final in Trondheim on 15th February .

What do you think ? Did the Norwegian public make the right choice tonight ?

Thank you for being with us this evening and apologies for the delayed start , this was due to a technical problem with accessing the live link . Please #join us next week for more fun and action with semi final 4 ! Good night Europe and Good bye Australia .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : NRK

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