Eurovision 2020

#SLOVENIA RTVSLO reveals the first 10 participants of EMA 2020!

Earlier today, RTVSLO, the Slovenian national broadcaster revealed the participants of EMA 2020 – the national event that decides Slovenia’s Eurovision Representative.

Slovenia’s national final is set to take place on 22 February with the participation of 12 competing acts. From these 12 participants, 10 have already been selected by a special appointed 3-member jury: musician and singer Raiven, the head of RTVSLO’s publishing and record label Mojca Menart and the music editor of Val 202 Jernej Vene.

The other two participants will be determined by a new competition – EMA Freš, which aims at younger musical talents, under the age of 26. The two acts decided through EMA Freš, will be announced on 18 January.

EMA 2020 participants

Out of the 74 submitted songs, the expert jury has selected the following ten acts (in alphabetical order):

  • Ana Soklič – Voda
  • Božidar Wolfand – Wolf maybe someday
  • Gaja Prestor – Verjamem vase
  • Imset – Femme Fatale
  • Inmate – The salt
  • Klara Jazbec – Stop the world
  • Lina Kuduzović – Man like U
  • Manca Berlec – Večnost
  • Simon Vadnjal – Nisi sam
  • Tinkara Kovač – Forever

In case you were wondering why a name is familiar, you were right, Tinkara Kovač, who represented the country back in 2014 with Round and round is back and trying her luck one more time.

Stay tuned for more news!


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