Eurovision 2019

#ESC2019Juries Riddle me this, riddle me that, some of the Singers as Jurors are BACK!

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Love them or hate them, Jurors at Eurovision have an important task to do, as 50% of their saying contributes to deciding qualifiers from each semi-final and later, the winner of the whole contest.

Today, published the full list of jury members from each participating contry.

Each national jury is made up of 5 music industry professionals. The jury members are asked to judge each performing act (except the act from the country they represent) on the following aspects:

  • The vocal capacity of the singer;
  • The performance on stage;
  • The composition and originality of the song;
  • The overall impression of the act.

Among the unveiled jury members, we can find some familiar names – former participants at ESC : Franka (Croatia 2018), Michael Schulte (Germany 2018), Mária Olafs (Iceland 2015), the Tolmachevy Twins (Russia 2014), David Feito (Spain 2013 as part of ESDM group).

Last year the jury saw Cesar Sampson (Austria) as the winner, whilst the public voted in favour of Netta (Israel).

Do you think this year the jury and the public will have the same winner?

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles


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