#POLAND: Tulia to represent their country in Tel Aviv

POLAND: Tulia to represent his/her/their country in Tel Aviv

Poland has dispensed with a national final this year, and broadcaster TVP has chosen their representative internally.

At a recent it announced, TVP revealed that Tulia will sing at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

Patrycja Nowicka, Dominika Siepka, Joanna Sinkiewicz and Tulia Biczak. The band combine singing with modern music production but the question on the lips of the readers of The Sun is, are they gonna be like the Milkmaids from Denmark! – Well they look similar so…

TVP will announce the song in due course.

Author: Phil Colclough – OnEurope. John Stanton – Eurovision Ireland

Source: Eurovision Ireland, TVP

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  1. I actually thought I’d been taken back in time to 2014 and looking at Donatan and Cleo when I saw this picture. I am curious to see what they will perform in Tel Aviv !

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