Eurovision 2018

#KOSOVO: One Step Closer?


Last week, the European Broadcasting Union held their General Assembly in Tirana, Albania. After various discussions, a decision was made to hold a vote for Full Membership of RTK in December.

While the EBU have declared a vote for December, some countries have already declared their objection around this is the past – including Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.

ESCxtra contacted the EBU for further details and received a small statement, followed by a rule in regards to new members:

“RTK currently does not meet the criteria for full EBU membership but it was agreed at the EBU General Assembly in Tirana (June 29) that constructive discussions will continue between the EBU and RTK about future possibilities for closer co-operation.

3.21.  The General Assembly shall admit an applicant as a Member if, after a recommendation from the Executive Board, it decides by an absolute majority that the candidate fulfils all the membership conditions.”

While it’s not definite, Kosovo seem to be the likely candidates to be the next nation to be making a participation at the Eurovision Song Contest – but whether it will be 2019 is another matter.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESCxtra

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