#ALBANIA: Promotional Tour Cancelled

Albania winner2

The eagle eyed amongst those that attended the London Eurovision Party will have noticed that Eugent Bushpepa didn’t turn up at the Cafe de Paris to perform “Mall”.

Yet to be confirmed by RTSH and the Albanian delegation, the absence from London was down to visa issues – something the Albanian media are reporting.

The team behind Eugent Bushpepa posted the following on his Social Media:

“We would like to let you know that, because of some technical issues, Eugent Bushpepa will not be part of the promotional tour for Eurovision 2018 in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Madrid even though RTSH has confirmed his attendance 2 months ago.

In the meantime the preparations for the final performance in Lisbon continue to intensify further to bring a simple and emotional performance at the Eurovision 2018 stage on the 8th of May.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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  1. I am very much afraid it will spoil his (already small) chances. A great pity as he is a favourite of many (including me) !!
    Some people that were coming especially to see and hear HIM have now cancelled their tickets…

    O well, Portugal didn’t do any touring last year and look what happened…

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