#CROATIA – a song similar to Croatia’s Eurovision 2018 entry comes to light…


Earlier today, our friends over at ESCExtra discovered a song online that sounds remarkably similar to Croatia’s Eurovision 2018 entry ‘Crazy’ by Franka Batelic.

Have a listen to “Ceea Ce Iubim” by Romanian singer Guez – does it sound familiar to you? He took to Facebook Live to register his displeasure at music he believed he had “exclusive rights” being used for a song that is now representing Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest…

The video from Guez was also uploaded to YouTube on February 24th 2018 – over a week before Franka’s ‘Crazy’ was made available to the public.

Claims of plagiarism and stolen songs are nothing new at Eurovision – but what does make this story intriguing is that both Franka and  Branimir Mihaljevic are credited as song writers and composer for the Croatian 2018 entry, while Guez claims he got the music from a Ukrainian producer in 2017.

HRT have been contacted for clarification and we will bring you more on this story as it develops.


Author: James Scanlan

Source: ESCExtra




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  1. This is definitely plagiarism, it is not allowed to send in a song that has already been published commercially. The version of Guez was already 2 weeks in advance on youtube, so also commercial. It is clearly the same songs, written by the same team. If this is possible, the Eurovision Song Contest is obviously dealing with corruption, and this will be stashed away again.

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