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#SWITZERLAND: Die Entscheidungsshow LIVE BLOG – #JoinUs from 20:05 CET


Switzerland is back for the annual Die Entscheidungsshow and their National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Join me Richard, as we discover who’ll progress to Lisbon. You know the drill by now – just refresh this page every so often and follow the goings ons in this National Final.

You can watch the show HERE.

Refresh from 20:05CET

Good Evening and welcome to the Eurovision Ireland LIVE coverage of the Swiss National Final. It all kicks off with Timebelle and her entry Apollo from last year. Our favourite Swiss host Sven is back once more and thanks Timebelle. The acts are introduced for the evening.

1 Zibbz – Stones

We have two neon lit pyramids on stage – one of which is upside-down. Geometric shapes future heavily on the back projection. Stones has a good beat to it and is certainly a foot tapper. Zibbz performs this entry effortlessly and their performance value is massive. Neon pyramids to me = 1980’s – and it’s thirty years (1988), since Switzerland last took victory with a little known star called Celine Dion.

2 Angie Ott – A Thousand Times

Oh, A Thousand Times is a complete contrast to Stones. Here we have a dreamy power ballad that Angie Ott belts out. Think blue lighting making a dreamy atmosphere on stage and you have the correct image. I do fear this song could easily get lost amongst others however. A strong key change is the last third could rescue it.

3 Naeman – Kiss Me

Oh, Naeman is a cool, laid pack guy is he? Kiss Me is a song that’ll appeal to the teenage girls out there. There is a lot of white and blue lighting to add a three dimensional aspect to this performance. Naeman really isn’t winning me over – probably because I’m not a teenage girl. The added Justin Timberlake dance moves are so early 2000’s.

4 Chiara Dubey – Secrets And Lies

Secrets and Lies kicks off voice-only before the classical music kicks in. With the added dry ice and raised platform, Chiara looks as if she is performing in outer space. Secrets and Lies is all very nice, however would have sat better at Eurovision in the 1990’s. Another entry that’ll get lost if it is chosen.

5 Alejandro  Reyes – Compass

A little more modern-contemporary is presented with the entry Compass. The song has a summery vibe with the bongo drums and the interesting patterns on the back projection. This is a harmless song, but Alejandro would probably have to work on improving Compass if he was to make Lisbon.

6 Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

Oh hello Vanessa! We have a sultry number been presented from within a neon red cube on stage. If seduction is what the jurors are looking for, then Redlights is the entry for them. The red and white lighting really adds to the storytelling of the song. Vanessa knows how to belt out a song!

For me tonight, it is between Zibbz and Vanessa Iraci. These are the only two songs I can personally see having a chance in progressing to the final in Lisbon. Voting is now open.

The voting has now closed. We now have a behind the scenes look with Timebelle after her victory in the National Final last year.

We now have a Swiss act reprising Salvador’s winner from Kyiv last May – it really doesn’t have the same emotional impact like in the International Exhibition Centre where grown men welled up and shed a tear!

And we now have some results! The international jury get to hand out 6, 8, 10 and 12 points. Germany gave 12 points to Compass. France gave 12 points to Compass. Armenia gave 12 points to Redlights. Albania gave 12 points to Stones. Italy gave 12 points to Stones. Iceland gave 12 points to Stones. Israel gave 12 points to Stones.

After the international vote, Stones has 76 points, followed by Compass with 72. Now it’s the turn of the public vote – on a % basis like Melodifestivalen. 19 points go to Kiss Me. 25 points go to Redlights. 39 points go to A Thousand Times. 44 points go to Secret and Lies. 48 points go to Compass. 77 points go to Stones.

Zibbz take the victory with Stones and 153 points, while Alejandro and Compass finished with 120 points and the runners up spot!

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s coverage of Die Entscheidungsshow. Please feel free to comment below or in our social network feeds on your opinion of tonight’s results!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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